Kilimanjaro Young Girls in Need (KYGN)

Kilimanjaro Young Girls in Need (KYGN) is a Tanzanian based non-profit organization dedicated to helping young girls work towards better futures in Moshi and Mabogini.

In this region of northern Tanzania, poverty, abuse, and the loss of parents often create unsafe home environments and force many girls to leave school and escape home, looking for work at very young ages. KYGN strives to provide educational opportunities and support for girls of all ages with the hope that through education and support, their potentials will be fully realized.

KYGN believes that all young girls have the right to safe, stable and nurturing home environments with emotional support, education and medical care. Our main objective is to expand the girl's life opportunities and choices, while guiding them to live successfully in their community and beyond. These goals are achieved by providing formal and informal education, vocational skills training, tutoring, and emotional support.
What we do

KYGN School

KYGN was created in Autumn 2007 to serve as an "open house" to meet the immediate educational and emotional needs of the girls in the village of Mabogini. Since that time, KYGN has expanded to include academic sponsorship and education for pre-primary and primary aged girls, academics and vocational training for secondary aged girls, and a café for practical experience and revenue sustainability. Currently, the girls are divided into different study groups according to age and educational levels.

KYGN is composed of a pre-primary school, primary academic support, secondary education and vocational training all at the Mabogini Center. The Corner Café in which all profits go directly to KYGN is located in Moshi Town.

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