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Learn Portuguese and immerse yourself into the Brazilian culture while serving as a volunteer (non paid) instructor at a local Brazilian school...

Our NGO, Instituto Advance struggles to survive day after day with our projects in order to eliminate prejudice and discrimination, to promote environmental conservation and to assist the poor, the one with learning difficulties, the distressed, the excluded, and the underprivileged. Institutionalized ghettos, i.e. schools for the autistics, the bearers of the Down syndrome, the homeless, the abandoned, individuals with missing limbs through accident, or birth do not work any longer, not to say that they have never been effective. According to the human rights the students must be respected and educated all together at the same regular school. We do not segregate, we include as we deliver education not treatments. Children, who learn together, learn to live together and respect one another.

More and more, small and humble projects and institutions like ours are making an enormous difference in the lives of our students and are having a great impact on the quality of life of the children and teenagers in our community.

Considering the inherent difficulties of everyday lives of the underprivileged classes in our community and aware that the physical, emotional and intellectual well-being of children, adolescents and youngsters will certainly result in the economic progress of the community, of the country and of the world where they are located, the nonprofit private organization INSTITUTO ADVANCE DE EDUCAÇÃO E CULTURA – “APRENDER PARA SER” [Learning to Be] has developed the EDUCAKID PROJECT and the EDUCATEEN PROJECT.

The INSTITUTO ADVANCE DE EDUCAÇÃO E CULTURA – “APRENDER PARA SER” inclusive education projects and its goals

Inclusive education means that all students in a school, regardless of their strengths, weaknesses in any area or disabilities, become part of the school community. They are educated in general education classrooms and included in the feeling of belonging among other students, teachers, and support staff.

EDUCAKID PROJECT - the purpose of this project is to help needy children, ages 02 to 12, by providing personal hygiene care, school tutoring, and socialization in a friendly environment, where loving, comprehension and mutual respect prevail.

EDUCATEEN PROJECT - we believe that investing in the professional enhancement of youngsters aged 13 to 17, by enabling them to enter the labor market, not only reduces their and their own family's economic difficulties, but also considerably decreases violence and the current struggle for survival. Our project has expanded its operation, year after year, due to the highly gratifying results we have obtained thus far.

Through educational and training activities, the project is also designed to remove children and youngsters from the street, who are at risk, thus avoiding their exposure to drugs, their involvement with theft and other risk situations, which the lack of support from educators and children and teenage idleness can cause.

Due to the growth of our programs we need more volunteer to help our assisted students as well as to help on fundraising activities. Therefore, we would like to request volunteers on several segments, especially English Teachers, public relations, newsletter editor, librarian, persons that would be in charge of controlling the food and cleaning aids, and candidates of all other occupations. Our website is being constructed and will be inaugurated soon.

If you are interested we will be glad to answer any and all questions you may come, up with as well as send you any information you may judge necessary. References contacts about us can be sent upon request

We are very open to receiving volunteers who want to share his/her abilities of any professional segments to our school and community at large.

In short, the volunteer will:
* visit Bebedouro, a fast growing, prosperous town in southern Brazil,
* teachEnglish/work at school related activities with Brazilian students,
* room and board with Brazilian families,
* breakfast, lunch, dinner provided,
* learn Portuguese,
* socialize with Brazilian,
* visit interesting sites in the area,
* learn Brazilian rhythms and dances,
* help out at preschool and kindergarten,
* immerse yourself into the wonderful, informal culture of these friendly people.
Is this your kind of experience? If so, read on …

Thaw your bones out for a semester or a year… it’s always bathing suit weather in Brazil!!! You’ll be spending the entire break immersing yourself into the wonderful, informal culture of these friendly people. You’ll be with a host family and accepted as an integral part of their own family network. You’ll also be able to learn some of our great soccer moves… it’s our national sport! Foreign students will be participating in a variety of community service projects. You’ll be working at INSTITUTO ADVANCE, a prestigious Brazilian school. Definitely a program to be remembered!

Your thoughtful cooperation will certainly make a great difference in these students’ lives.


Rua Francisco Inácio, 520
14701-140 - Bebedouro - SP - BRASIL
Tel/fax - +55 - 17 - 3343-2626
Site in Portuguese and English under construction

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