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If you’ve considered teaching English overseas, you may need to complete a TEFL course in order to ensure that you bring with you the qualities necessary to truly make a difference.

Rather than a lackluster attitude toward teaching and a penchant for careless and constant partying and reckless misadventures in a foreign country where perhaps you feel your actions will not come back to you. They will, as I can attest. Having a TEFL certification is the first step to a great adventure, but it also comes with the responsibility to be good at what you do. The demand for certified foreign English teachers is great. I can provide you the guidance you need and lead you through the process through personal experience as you receive your TEFL certificate and go on to receive many job offers. The only question is which one you will accept, and that’s an important decision.

Make the move. Be a certified teacher. Develop yourself professionally and learn how to perfect your art and raise the standard of English teachers all over the world. Be a force for goodness and competence in the world of ESL. Conduct yourself like someone who realizes that their actions and their lack of action has consequences. You are the driver of your own future and will have an influence on many young minds. When you make the decision to teach abroad, do it nobly. Be a noble expat.

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