EMERGENCY provides free, high-quality healthcare to victims of war, poverty and landmines, alongside building hospitals and training local staff.

We pursue a human-rights based medicine. The right to be treated is a fundamental and inalienable right belonging to each member of the human family and is based on equality, quality, and social responsibility.

We are doctors, surgeons and nurses: our job is to care for the victims of war and poverty. We continue to affirm the right to healthcare as a fundamental human right, and so we guarantee our patients free, high-quality care.

Therefore, we provide our patients with a safe, clean, beautiful, and well-kept environment, with modern, efficient, and environmentally-friendly facilities, guaranteeing three meals a day.

We provide training and employment opportunities. In all of our hospitals, our international staff are responsible for providing training to their local colleagues. Some of our hospitals are officially recognised as training centres by local authorities. By sharing experience and knowledge, we want to promote the growth and sustainability of national health systems.


Become an EMERGENCY volunteer

By creating awareness and raising funds, volunteers play a fundamental role in EMERGENCY's life.

If you live in the USA, in the UK, in Belgium, in Switzerland, in Austria or in Hong Kong you can become an EMERGENCY volunteer in your country.

About 3,000 EMERGENCY volunteers are active all over Italy, organized in about 170 local groups.

Volunteeers play a fundamental role in raising awareness, in informing the general public and in promoting a culture of peace (through participation in conferences, meetings and workshops in schools, in workplaces…).

Moreover, they are key fundraisers, hosting dedicated events, presenting specific projects to local entities, agencies and businesses, or manning booths during larger events. Volunteers participate in EMERGENCY activities pro bono, giving of their time, skills and resources according to their schedules.


Working with EMERGENCY

On our humanitarian programmes, we don’t employ volunteers but specific professional profiles. If you want to work with us, please contact us to see if you’re eligibile.

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