Arctic Adventure Tours

Arctic Adventure Tours brings you on a fantastic journey in arctic wilderness. We guide you through Scandinavias wild nature.

Do you want to explore the wild?

We got seduced by the wild nature many years ago, and decided to make a living out of our hobby. We call it “outdoor life” and it has been a big part of us for many years, mostly because of the opportunities this extreme nature and climate gives us.

To day we basically live in the nature, located a 25 minutes drive from the centre of Tromsø. We have lots of experience in guided expeditions and have a close cooperation with Across The Divide in England.

Through all these years we have collected the best guides to give our guests the safest and most unforgettable adventures. Either you are a person that enjoys city life and wants to have a different experience or you have done many expeditions, we can make a trip out of your own wishes and give you an experience of a lifetime.


Arctic Holidays In Tromsø

  • Dog Sledding
  • Northern Lights
  • Whale Watching
  • Arctic Fjord & Fishing Tours
  • Husky Hiking
  • Rib Excursion

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