What Animals Live in the Arctic

What Animals Live in the Arctic

As we know the arctic is home to the polar bear. Do you know what other animals glide of the icy landscape of the Arctic Ocean? The polar bear is one of the most fascinating mammals in the world because of the different characteristics it holds due to its ability to adapt to such cold temperatures. 

The Arctic Ocean is one of the world’s smallest oceans known compared to the other four. It encases the North Pole which is located in the Arctic Circle. There are many animals that dwell on the icy lands, most of them are elusive and aren’t often spoken about. Take a trip to the Arctic Ocean! 


1. Polar Bears

This mammal is said to be one of the biggest bears in the world and is the apex predator of the Arctic. Its main diet are seals, on average the ice bear needs to eat 40 seals per year. The polar bear is a very skilled animal as it hunts on land and in water. Most polar bears are white or yellow depending on the sun. Their thick black skin underneath their fur coat helps trap in heat and keep their bodies warm. They can live up to 20 to 30 years, the oldest polar bear lived for 32 years.


2. Beluga Whales

Also known as the White Whale, they are mostly recognised for their pure white skin colour and upwards curved mouth that makes it look like it’s smiling. Their heads are mostly rounded and this enables them to make different facial expressions and use echolocation to enable them to find food and navigate. Belugas eat a large variety of sea animals like, cods, shrimp, salmon, octopus and crabs. The food they eat depends on the season, climate and age.  These mammals live up to 35 to 50 years. 


3. Arctic Wolfs

Commonly known as the White Wolf, it is a sister species of grey wolf. In the arctic they normally live in packs or alone. Most of them have two thick layers of white fur and a sharp sense of smell that helps them hunt. Their diet consists of mostly meat and they prey on bigger animals such as caribous and small ones such as hares. The white wolf has no threat to its own kind, though sometimes other bigger animals are a threat to its cubs as they tend to hunt them if they dwell away from the pack. The lifespan of an arctic wolf is 17 years depending on the environment. 


4. Narwhals

Referred to as the Unicorn of The Sea, this beauty is famous for its’ spiral 9-foot ivory tusk that sprees out of its head. Some might have one and some two! Their tusks are said to contain a lot of nerves that help them find food and navigate around the sea or even sense danger.  They feed mostly on other fish, octopus and green halibut that is also classified as a fish. The lifespan of the Narwhal is 50 years, the threats being polar bears, orca whales and climate changes. 


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