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Aldeas de Paz is a sustainable and transparent grass-roots NGO based in Santa Barbara de Samaná, Dominican Republic. That means we are independent from political, religious or business interests and maintain independence by completely funding and operating our programs with the practical and monetary contributions of volunteers and interns.

We are a youth orientated organization with the purpose of educating, mentoring, inspiring and empowering young people to develop their potentials and help them to create opportunities for themselves and their community through our educational programs and recreational activities. We promote children rights and equal opportunities for all.


We promote a Culture of Peace through enriching cross-cultural exchange for people of all races and nationalities and we practice voluntary community service where we provide additional opportunities in education, sports, health care and skill training. We assist our beneficiaries to develop their potential and improve their own lives.


Offering Volunteers & Interns the great opportunity to work side by side with locals, learn new skills, study Spanish and immerse oneself in the Latin and Caribbean culture. We share the values of peace, justice and tolerance, fundamentally focusing on the preservation of cultural values and the empowerment of young people while valuing local knowledge and working with cultural sensitivity. Our Volunteer opportunities are truly the microcosm of a world where people join together giving priority to improving life for humanity and promoting a Culture of Peace as a practical way to both prevent and resolve conflict.


Our organisation includes many different projects to choose:

-YOUTHCARE: Enhance and improve the lives of children! Our aim is to empower young people in Samaná by providing a platform at our school where they can be supported in developing their potential and improving their own lives. Our school provides volunteers with the opportunity to make a difference to the young people of our local community whom would otherwise lack educational and creative opportunities, whilst also positively promoting the integration of special need kids into the educational system. At our school we offer volunteers with the unique chance to implement their own ideas whilst also making a positive difference to our community.We are constantly adapting our activities to weather patterns, children's needs and volunteer numbers and capacities. In addition to established community activities and programs, motivated volunteers who bring ideas for projects have the chance to set up their own volunteer opportunities in Santa Barbara de Samaná with the financial and organizational support of our charity. If you wish to specialize in a particular activity we will do our best to accommodate your personal preferences. However, you can be asked to be involved in a combination of activities which can also require working directly in contact with our beneficiaries, children and young people from Santa Barbara de Samaná neighborhoods.

-DENTAL HELTHCARE: Our observation and hands-on dentistry experience is a programme which is aimed at current professionals and aspiring dentists. Assisting at the local hospital-based clinic you will gain first-hand experience of the day-to-day activities at a public dental clinic in a developing country.

-MEDICINE HEALTHCARE: Gain invaluable hands-on experience, working side-by-side with medical staff at the local hospital. This opportunity will give you an insight into the setting up and running of a hospital on a daily basis. As the hospital is still modernizing there are many challenges faced and there are realities not often seen in developed countries. Therefore this project not only provides you with responsibility for patients, it allows you to broaden your perspective by working in a hospital in a developing country where you will be faced with the stark realities of the disparities between medical practice in the developed and developing world.Furthermore, you can gain experience in a range of different departments within the hospital, such as: Maternity, Emergency, Pediatric, Integral Attention & Prevention for HIV, Tuberculosis, Diabetic and Uterine Cancer as well as the administration and management.

-NGO MANAGEMET: This versatile experience and observation program is perfect for those wanting to learn more about how a small grass-root NGO is managed and run. This program is focused on those who are interested in starting their own charity or want hands-on experience working in an NGO. The NGO Administration volunteer program gives insight into all aspects of running Aldeas de Paz Foundation. The foundation relies on NGO volunteers to ensure smooth operations and therefore requires flexibility on the part of the volunteer. Direct work with our primary beneficiaries is an essential part of the work of Aldeas de Paz and therefore NGO volunteers are also expected to participate in foundation-wide events and activities involving our beneficiaries. The NGO Administration volunteers & interns observe and assist the Coordinator with office work, as well as in-community project support and administrative work and the coordination and supervision of community programs. The NGO Manager will furthermore help to ensure the wellbeing of our volunteers.

-HOSPITALITY AND TOURISM: Aldeas de Paz offers hospitality and tourism internship opportunities to undergraduates and graduates who want to get a head start in their career and gain first-hand in hospitality or tourism. This will be through exposure to various volunteer roles, such as working in a hotel, resort or at a tour operator.Opportunities include working in a high-end hotel, a popular local backpacker hostel, at a local tour operator’s office for adventure holidays or at the ministry of tourism and environmental protection teaching tour guides and helping protect the delicate environment using Multi Media. Jobs depend on candidates’ qualifications.

-SOCIAL MULTI-MEDIA: Practice and further develop your Social Media skills while experiencing a foreign culture! The purpose of this Social Multi-Media project is to promote the foundation´s mission which is primarily to raise awareness of the rights of all children in Samaná. Through Social Multi-Media means, content published through local media and online social media channels you will be promoting our causes. This program aims to address parenting issues and child welfare through educational videos and social media publication. You will produce short videos, documentaries and radio/television broadcasting content. In the past our volunteers have produced animated motion pictures, recorded videos, worked on photography, conducted interviews, and updated our social media platforms. Even though project topics are provided, volunteers are encouraged to come up with their own ideas. Part of the work consists in keeping track of the foundation´s work with the children and documenting our program activities (e.g., taking & editing pictures and videos and editing content).


We offer free Spanish Language immersion classes. Lessons focus on developing communication skills so that students are able to put their knowledge to practical use as soon as they step outside the classroom. Our teaching method enables students to develop four basic skills: listening comprehension, speaking, reading and writing.

The idea is to learn Spanish in a natural and spontaneous way, just as students have learned their mother tongue. Our students speak Spanish right from the very first day, using it in typical real-life situations: the basic syllabus is supplemented by special exercises, such as role-play, situational dialogues and work projects. Outside the classroom the learning process continues as you are immersed in Spanish language and culture.


There is no end of activities and sights to visit in your spare time. Visit the north coast for some of the best windsurfing or kite boarding found in the world, go whale watching, try fun hiking, biking or even white water rafting for those adrenaline seekers! You may also like to visit the Caribbean's highest peak or the Playa Rincon, said to be one of the best beaches in the world. Hunt round the quaint town of Monte Cristo for some great finds including bargain priced jewelry made from handcrafted beads, and try some with some of the local rum in one of the colorful bars!


Upon arrival at Santo Domingo Airport you will be met by an in-country pick-up service and transported to the bus terminal from where you leave with the luxury bus to Samana. On arrival in Samana Aldeas de Paz staff will pick you up and bring you to the accommodation where you will be based for the duration of your project.


Your financial contribution depends on length of stay and starts at Euro 400,- per month including:

  • Volunteer placement in the program/s of your choice
  • Accommodation
  • Placement introduction and hand-outs, supervision, regular briefings
  • Free Spanish language lessons • Certificate and/or written reference upon completion
  • Full support and 7 days, 24 hour back-up from our local staff
  • Santa Barbara de Samana bus terminal pick-up

Our staff will welcome you to our home-base upon arrival and ensure that all of your needs are met - from a safe and comfortable place to stay, to unparalleled access to perspectives and insight about the local culture

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