Top 5 Reasons to Volunteer in Zimbabwe

Top 5 Reasons to Volunteer in Zimbabwe

Considering going to volunteer abroad? Need some motivation or encouragement to choose Zimbabwe as your destination? Check out the benefits or choosing this African country which will hopefully give you a push to get your application started.


1. A Unique Experience 

As an international participant you will get to integrate into local communities and make a difference. There are so many different projects available from teaching, medical and healthcare placements, coaching sports, helping animals, helping NGO's and conservation work - just to name a few! There is amazing work being done on the ground in Zimbabwe through international development agencies and charities which are improving living conditions and boosting opportunities for local people. You can get involved for short or long period, so if you fancy a holiday with a different to give back or are currently planning a gap year to Africa then you will find an experience for you.


2. See the Real Africa

You wil get a real hands on and life changing experience that will allow you to see parts of Zimbabwe that most local people don't see themselves i.e. rural locations and poorer areas of the country. You will get to see such a diverse range of locations from large cities to off the beaten track countryside areas. Organisations have great links with local communities that allows outsiders to visit safely based on the good work the organisation has done in the past. This is a lot more authentic than for example choosing to volunteer in South Africa which is very touristy. Zimbabwe is such a beautiful country - it will leave you spellbound.


3. Make New Friends

Zimbabwe is an offer the beaten track destination to volunteer in Africa, and the other international volunteers you will encounter here will become friends for life. Going to help and live in a developing country is not for everyone but the people who do go are usually some of the most friendly, open minded and outgoing types of people. You will form strong bonds living and working alongside others and make friends from all over the world.


4. Inspire Others

Going to volunteer abroad in Zimbabwe will leave you with memories to last a lifetime, and what better way after you have finished to inspire others to do something similar. There are lots of organisations, NGOs and non profit organisations which rely on donations and volunteers to keep operational throughout the year and after your trip you will be able to recommend and encourage others to get involved.


5. Sightseeing & Incredible Sights

Victoria Falls

You will get the freedom to balance volunteer with sightseeing in the local area. Usually you will work 5 days a week and then get nights and weekends free to explore. There are lots of Zimbabwe tours which can be booked to incredible places like Victoria Falls and Zambezi River (Livingstone), Lake Kariba (the biggest lake in the country) and safaris & wildlife conservations (Siavonga).


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