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View ideas for taking a gap year in Zimbabwe - this country is safer to visit than what you might think. Zimbabwe is easily accessible from international airports and you can also cross the border from neighboring countries so getting here also isn't too difficult. 


Gap Year Programs in Zimbabwe


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Plan a Gap Year to Zimbabwe

When looking to take a Africa gap year, a lot of people sometimes overlook Zimbabwe but there are so many fantastic programs available including traveling, working with animals, teaching or coaching sports. Most gap year programs we have listed on our website will require you to be aged 18+ and be in good health - no previous skills are needed for most placements although if you want to work in veterinary or medicine you might be asked to provide certificates or a relevant degree before you are allowing hands on work. programs are open to students, non students, career breakers and anyone who wants to help make a difference in Zimbabwe.



Gap Year Volunteering Programs & Internships

Popular Zimbabwe gap year programs can include working with wildlife including rhinos and elephants on rehabilitation projects. Rhino and lion numbers in the wild are decreasing at an alarming rate and you can get close to these incredible creatures on a gap year conservation project.

A lot of wildlife efforts in Zimbabwe have the ultimate aim of rehabilitating the animals and setting them free back in their natural environment. If you have a passion for working with animals, either in the field of veterinary medicine or in a more general animal care-oriented role, then these are a perfect way for you to gain some knowledge or put your skills into practice, with some work experience in the developing world.  

Projects open all around the country with new ones starting all the time, some are located in remote areas for example one of the wildlife orphanages we have listed on our website is located 45 minutes away from Bulawayo (Zimbabwe's 2nd City). Types of tasks and activities include preparing animal food as well as feeding the animals....and yes that does include lions. Other activities include maintaining the animal enclosures, educating the public and day visitors about the animals and their habitats in the wild. One of the most rewarding tasks you might get given is the once in a lifetime opportunity to hand rear orphaned animals that are brought into the wildlife orphanage. You are able to play, feed and nurture them or maybe just give them a little cuddle if they get a little 'jumpy' at all the new found attention. 

You could help educational and community outreach gap year programs providing assistance in schools. As a participant helping on these types of programs you might find yourself teaching English, helping educational activities, working with local families and assisting general daily activities. Spending time working in underpriviliged pre-schools or within communities is really rewarding, you will be able to see the difference you can make.

Types of daily tasks will include helping lead educational / English lessons, working to encourage recycling, helping a support group set up for local women and new mothers, teaching children about the benefits of eating healthy, teaching about HIV / AIDs issues, creating new fun interactive projects and also working on team / sports programs. Another popular option for gap years in Africa is to sign up to protect elephants and rhinos in locations like Wedza. Rhinos and elephants are facing a tough future with the every present threat of poaching. By applying to help you will get to help research efforts with elephants and also work at a rhino breeding program. These placements are very hands on where you will work alongside local staff and international participants working to educate the local population and also directly help animals.



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