Cultural Care Au Pair

Cultural Care Au Pair

Cultural Care Au Pair offers 18-26 year olds the opportunity to go to the US for 12 months as an au pair. 

You will become part of an American family, whilst gaining invaluable experience in childcare. As an Au Pair you will live with the host family, and have time to explore all that the United States has to offer during your freetime!

We are the largest au pair organisation in the world

The Cultural Care Au Pair programme in America is a cultural exchange experience through childcare. For a full year, you’ll have opportunity to work with children, study and travel as an au pair in the USA. You will become part of a carefully selected American family, and help care for their children all while experiencing real life in the USA.

Designated by the US State Department

The programme is regulated by the US Department of State, which offers the only legal way for au pairs to travel to the USA. Au pairs enter the USA on J-1 visas. If you are curious about living abroad for a year, Cultural Care Au Pair might be just the right programme for you.

Immersed in an American family

Cultural exchange is at the root of the au pair programme. By becoming part of an American family you’ll immerse yourself completely in the Culture. Your host family will depend on you for responsible childcare, and you’ll rely on each other to make it a truly intercultural experience.

A year of work, travel and adventure overseas

An au pair experience is all about caring for children, experiencing US college life, and making lifelong friends from all over the world. Imagine celebrating St. Patrick's Day in Chicago, the 4th of July in Washington; a shopping weekend in LA; Thanksgiving in San Francisco, Halloween in New Orleans and New Year’s Eve in New York!  

Dont have enough experience yet?

Don't worry, we have lots of ideas of how you can gain more experience before you go on our website.


Don't take out word for it, read stories from our au pairs.

Duration / Dates

The cultural exchange programme is 12 months, with the option of extending an addiotional 6, 9 or 12 months.

Costs / Pay

The programme costs £879 which includes the programme free, your return flight tickets, free room and board and extended travel insurance. As an Au Pair you will earn $195.75 per week paid directly by your host family.

Placement Info

The Au Pair programme year is a balance between cultural exchange and your job as an au pair! Being an au pair means caring for your host children on a full-time basis. During your au pair year you will play with them, be responsible for their safety, and help with some other childcare related duties such as preparing meals and driving them to activities. Your focus as an au pair is providing quality childcare and keeping the children active and engaged during your time on duty. You can also assist with housework if it is related to the children.

The au pair responsibilities are limited to childcare and related duties as set forth by the U. S. Department of State. You will not be expected to do perform tasks that are not related to children or include heavy manual labor such as housecleaning, yard work or other types of work. Our programme also protects au pairs and host families with a set of limits.

Contact Info

Tel: 0800 085 1950

Address : 22 Chelsea Manor St

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