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Find volunteer work with animals in countries throughout Africa, Asia, Europe, Pacific and Central, South and North America. If you have ever wanted to travel overseas and help wildlife we have some fantastic programs available to join all year round. You can find programs where you can help contribute to conservation including rehabilitation animals, preventing poaching, raising awareness and helping make a difference. There are so many rewarding opportunities to work with animals including free and paid placements where you can make a big difference. We also list veterinary and general placements which are open to everyone perfect if you want to take a holiday or gap year and work with animals. Read more information about the types of opportunities available and apply for an amazing experience today.


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Specific Places You Can Volunteer with Wildlife


Volunteer at a Zoo

Farm Volunteer Work

Game Reserve Volunteering


National Parks

Work at a Wildlife Sanctuary




Volunteer with Animals Overseas

Guide to Helping with Animals Overseas

On our website you can find volunteer abroad programs with wildlife where you can travel to destinations around the world where you can really help conservation efforts. There are several rehabilitation and release wildlife programs where you can nurse wildlife back to health and then release animals into the wild. You will be able to work in a foreign country and really help animals in need by working with them or educating local people about he need to help them. What are you waiting for, sign up to volunteer with animals today. Wildlife volunteer and travel programs lengths can vary from one week to over a year, please note you are unlikely to need any prior experience. If you have a passion for animals and conservation, volunteering with animals will be a really worthwhile experience. Programs abroad usually allow you to have flexible free time to travel and see more of the country you are in. International animal jobs are available in most locations around the world. 

There are a diverse range of placements with animals abroad, for example helping at a game reserve or if you are seeking a career in veterinary there are skilled options. Volunteering with animals in Africa is a great way to do something rewarding, on some projects you can help marine conservation efforts in South Africa and get close to whales and sharks. Programs with animals let you help protect and have a real impact by taking part in endangered animal rescue projects. You might be researching, monitoring and protecting wild animals from poachers. Despite conservation efforts, lots of animals are endangered and facing extinction. You can help by joining aproject with endangered wildlife like big cats, lions, rhinos and leopards. View wildlife projects to get started or visit our main volunteer abroad directory.



Medical Vetinary Work Experience Abroad

Veterinary Placements Abroad

If you have a passion for vetinary or are seeking a career with animals you can apply to join wildlife volunteer programs overseas with One World 365. You can gain hands-on vet experience by search placements on our website, if you need to fulfill a portion of your Extra Mural Study (EMS) requirements, we offer animal care courses and work experience in places. Vetinary volunteer work experience abroad can provide you with a unique chance to gain work experience which will look great on your CV or resume.

You could join conservation and vetinary teams who capture of injured wildlife and help take them to medical facilities in game reserves or sanctuaries. Vetinary volunteer program tasks can involve assisting head vets with veterinary procedures, help feeding and rehabilitating animals, help hand-raised animals - a very hands on experience.  Experienced vets will be able to help you and guide you through daily activities. and you could be helping and treating animals like the elephants, rhinoceros, buffalo, lions and leopards. You will be able to conduct theoretical and practical training focusing on the role of veterinary science in the context of wildlife conservation & utilisation. This means your animal care training will combine the disciplines of veterinary science, wildlife management and conservation field training.



Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Work with Animals Abroad

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Work with Animals

Do you love animals? Do you have a passion for wildlife conservation? Would you like to volunteer with animals abroad? View our top reasons why you should volunteer and help wildlife overseas. The hard part if just decide where you would like to go and which animals you would like to volunteer with! 

Choice - popular animals to volunteer with include elephants, lions, tigers, monkeys, sharks and whales. We promote a lot of wildlife volunteer organisations who need volunteers and people to help work on placements, at sanctuarys and with wildlife rescues.

On our website you can find a diverse range of volunteer programs with wildlife around the world and really be able to help. Its a great way to gain experience, volunteer roles with animals vary, from collecting food and cleaning enclosures to gaining hands on work by caring and really helping animals get back to health. Animal volunteering opportunities are amazing if you are seeking career experience or you are looking for a job as a vet. A lot of people on gap years and graduates travel abroad to join animal volunteer projects.

If you work on wildlife rescue or rehabilitation programs you will have the best experience ever, there are not many things like seeing wildlife you have cared for being released back into the wild! Find more information on volunteering with animals abroad with One World 365, research projects and worldwide trips today! View our animal volunteer projects and experience the most inspiring time abroad you have ever had.




No previous experience is required for most general placements, but volunteers must be able to work as part of a team, have a strong interest in wildlife and conservation, a sense of adventure and be prepared to a new culture and living conditions. Participants must be enthusiastic, adventurous and respectful of their host country’s culture and environment. Minimum age limit is usually 18 years old but there are taster trips for 16-17 year olds and also family programs. If you are applying for a skilled position you will need to show certifications and qualificiations.




How to Apply

We have hundreds of organisations and programs available to join and each one is different. You will need to choose a location/project - this comes down to personal preference. Some organiations charge a sign up fee to volunteer with, on these placements you usually get a structured experience including

  • Placements
  • A donation
  • Airport pick-up and transfer to project
  • All food and accommodation
  • Training materials and science equipment
  • Pre-departure support and services
  • Comprehensive training necessary for research techniques
  • 24-hour in-country support and a 24-hour emergency phone line

There are also free and paid placements available. To get a paid position working with animals you will usually need a specific skill or working in vetinary.



Featured Destinations

We have placements all around the world, these are recommended opportunities...



Volunteer with Animals in Africa

Volunteer with Animals in Africa

We have lots of projects helping to preserve animals in the wild and at rehabilitation centres and game reserves in Africa. You will gain a unique experience in an amazing setting. These are the types of activities you can expect to be involved in:

  • Game Monitoring
  • Game Counts
  • Telemetry & Tracking
  • Landscape Restoration & Rehabilitation
  • Breeding Centre Management
  • Alien Plant Control
  • Animal Rehabilitation Centre
  • Local Community Projects
  • Other Activities (e.g.  game capture, sleep out on the reserve - weather and time permitting, reserve orientation and guided walks, night time anti-poaching patrols)
  • Educational Lecture and Talks



Volunteer with Animals in South Africa

Volunteer with Animals in South Africa

A popular program in South Africa is run by the Born Free Foundation which is a unique chance to participate in the groundbreaking work of two world leading conservation organisations in the Shamwari Reserve. Volunteers will have the opportunity to participate in and be a part of the ongoing success of the Shamwari and Born Free Foundation projects, two of the world's leading conservation organisations. Shamwari is one of the largest Game Reserves in the Eastern Cape at approximately 25,000 hectares and is home to the famous Big 5 and a host of other species. The Reserve aims to conserve these species and their environment and provide sustainable solutions to the conflict between region’s natural environment and modern world.

From helping to educate the local populations to actually working hands on with animals you will be able to help. Elephants especially need daily attention, you will be able to find food to feed the, wash and bathe them, help them get exercise by walking them. To volunteer with rhinos and elephants in South Africa you do not need any previous experiece, full training will be provided. Some specific skills are welcomed though like if you have any vetinary experience this is very sought after.Sometimes you might just be assisting but there are occassions where you can get hands on experience helping the animals up close.

Wildlife conservation projects in South Africa really help animals, some target poachers whilst others help injured animals in the wild. On these types of projects you will be able to help save elephants and rhinos from dangerous situations, sometimes you might be on a rescue mission going into the bush and finding animals to help. At rescue centres the animals are rehabilitated to a position when they can be released again. You will help in the daily running of wildlfe sanctuarys and rescue centres, sometimes though elephants and rhinos are either too injured or can't be placed back into the wild and so are cared for by local volunteer organisations. The more volunteers there are to help, the more projects can function and be successful.


Volunteer with Animals in Kenya

Volunteer with Wildlife in Kenya

If you like animals you could work on a wildlife research program and work alongside locally employed staff, for example zoologists and vets who look after endangered animals. Kenya is famous for its wildlife but animals face many problems on a daily basis like poaching. You can help on the ground with local wildlife conservation organisations which aim to provide sustainable long term efforts in place so animals can live freely in their natural habitat. You will get back to basics and experience real African living helping with the daily monitoring and conservation of big cats and elephants as well as learning all about life within a traditional Masai community. Generally your days will start with an early breakfast at around 7am and work on the projects until around 6pm.



Volunteer with Animals in Asia

Wildlife conservation efforts working with animals like elephants, lions, bears and monkeys are very popular in Asia. There are rehabilitation programs where you can join teams of international conservation experts working to help wildlife. Wildlife sanctuary's rely on the help of international volunteers as they aim to help animals. If you have a passion for animals and would like to help please view our website to find out more information. Maybe you have watched wildlife tv programmes and always thought about traveling abroad to help animals then these placements will be amazing. Some of the placements can be in spectacular locations like in the Himalayas - truely breathtaking! Whilst other programs are located in rural villages and towns or close to the ocean.


Volunteer with Animals in Malaysia

Volunteer with Animals in Malaysia

Malaysia has stunning natural beauty with lots of stunning exotic animals - many of which are underthreat due to deforestation, poaching and loss of natural habitat. There is a need for volunteers to help with awarness and also get hands on working on the ground to help protect natural environments and also rescue and rehabilitate wildlife. You could work with organutans in Malaysia, thse programs are very popular but there are also positions where you can help elephants, tigers and other species. Large international charities like the WWF have been working in Malaysia for a number of years, they offer intenships and volunteering placements in Malaysia where you can help raise awareness about conservation issues.



Volunteer with Animals in South America



Volunteer with Wildlife in Peru

Peru has diverse wildlife and you can apply to help rescue, rehabilitate and release exotic animals. Placements can be joined in the jungle or at wildlife centres. There are specific placements for skilled workers e.g. vets or you can just in a general assistant capacity. Tasks include If you have these skills would be especially helpful. However whatever your experience, it's most important that you simply want to give vital help to this particularly rewarding project.



Volunteer with Wildlife in Argentina

Volunteer with Animals in Argentina

Argentina is a very naturally beautiful destination with the Andes Mountains and Patagonia, participating on environmental programs in these locations is highly recommended. There are lots of wildlife rehabilitation projects available, you could volunteer with monkeys which are special placements. A lot of animals in this region are under threat due to habitat destruction and poaching and people are needed to work at rescue centres which help wildlife and particularly the carayá monkeys in places like Cordoba. Volunteers on these projects can get involved in feeding the monkeys; monitoring orphaned monkeys; observing and studying social groups; constructing cages and caring for other animals such as llamas, capuchin monkeys, American lions, donkeys and dogs. No previous experience is required, just a passion for animal welfare and a desire to help as much as possible. Volunteers at the centre would live on site, in a rustic stone bungalow with the other volunteers. At weekends, you can travel to the local town of La Cumbre and experience the beautiful and enchanting Argentinian culture. Volunteers who are looking for an unforgettable experience and want to make a difference to the lives of animals are welcome to apply for this position.


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