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Would you like to work in Brazil? Find out everything you need to know about applying, eligibility, visa requirments and employers who hire international staff. Search jobs for foreigners throughout the country in places like Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.


Jobs for Foreigners & English Speakers in Brazil

Work in Brazil

Brazil jobs

On our guide for foreigners to gain employment in Brazil you can view top tips and search recommended companies and places to work. More than 70,000 work visas are issued by the Brazilian government every year to foreigners where you can live and work in places like Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. We get enquiries from people all over the world, usually from Americans and British people often wondering wanting to work in South America and we highly recommend Brazil. If you would like to start a career, gain work experience or try working in Brazil our guide will help you achieve this.


Top Reasons to Work in Brazil

There are so many reasons you might want to consider working abroad in Brazil including:

  • The people are among some of the friendliest in the world
  • Experience a new culture 
  • Live in world famous cities
  • Gain an insight into the largest economy in South America
  • Beaches
  • Warm weather


Visa & Requirements for Working in Brazil

If you enter Brazil on a normal tourist visa you are not allowed to seek paid employment. This isn't to say people don't do it, but if you are caught or overstay your visa you will usually be fined and not allowed back into the country for 6 months. To work in Brazil legally you will need to get a visa, this must be applied for by an employer in Brazil. If accepted, this visa will allow you to work in Brazil for up to 2 years. After this time if you want to stay you can apply for permanent resident status. If you are already working in a profession and have a degree level education you are more likely to be given a work visa


Biggest Industries

Brazil is a developed country with agricultural, manufacturing, mining and service sectors. Brazil is one of the leading countries when it comes to producing hydroelectric power, sugar cane and coffee. Brazil also exports huge numbers of cocoa, soya beans, orange juice and tobacco. 


Major Companies

  • Bacardi-Martini, Banco Bradesco, Banco do Brasil, BNP Parabas, Coca-Cola, Facebook, Itaúsa-Investimentos, Itaú, Microsoft, GlaxoSmithKline, Petrobas and Vale.


Industries with Most Vacancies

  • Engineering, environmental consultancy and IT.


Where to Find Employment

These are some of the best resources to use if you would like to get a job in Brazil as a foreigner:

  • Our website connects you to employers
  • Networking and meeting new business contacts
  • Newspapers
  • Recruitment agencies
  • Internet forums and website like Catho 
  • Search around locally
  • Work freelance via the internet


Best Recruitment Websites in Brazil for Foreigners

  • Catho – one of the most popular job sites
  • Empregos
  • Guia de empregos 
  • Yahoo Empregos Brasil 


Local Newspapers with Job Listings

  • A Tribuna 
  • Classificados Diario Do Grande ABC 
  • Gazeta Online 


Best Places to Live and Work in Brazil

Most people choose to work in São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro which are the most well known cities in Brazil. Generally it is more difficult to gain employment outside of these cities. Please note the cost of living in São Paulo and Rio is high, you will need enough money to cover you for the duration of your stay.

São Paulo

  • São Paulo is a huge city with a population of over 10 million people. This is the Brazilian most important economic city in Brazil and Latin America
  • São Paulo has lots of multinational companies located here and usually received more investment projects than any other city in Latin America.
  • Also the largest stock exchange in Latin America and the Southern Hemisphere is located here.
  • There are various different jobs in Sao Paulo for foreigners including international technology and innovation companies

Rio de Janeiro

  • One of the most famous cities in the world and we usually find the number one destination people want to work
  • There are various different jobs in Rio de Janeiro for foreigners

Other Places to Consider:

  • Salvador da Bahia
  • Florianópolis
  • Natal
  • Maceió
  • Olinda
  • Recife
  • Belo Horizonte
  • Porto Alegre
  • Brasilia
  • Fortaleza
  • Curitiba
  • Campinas
  • Manaus
  • Vale do Paraiba e Litoral Norte


Casual & Temporary Jobs in Brazil

Getting casual short term work in Brazil is very tough. If you think just turning up and getting jobs in bars, hotels and restaurants is very difficult and wages can be low. Some people work in hostels for free but then get accommodation and meals included. To improve your language skills and experience you could volunteer in Brazil.


Backpacker Jobs in Brazil

If you are thinking about going travelling or taking a gap year in Brazil there are a few options available. You could work in a hotel/hostel - some offer a stipend salary whilst others are on a voluntary but in exchange for free meals and accommodation. Another popular option is to teach English in Brazil as there is a large demand with locals to learn English to enhance their employment prospects. Other places you can seek work include travel and tourism.


Top Tips How to Get a Job in Brazil

  • Search for international companies based in Brazil, these generally hire international staff more than local companies
  • Check embassy websites, you will need to be fluent in the local language and also have a formal education
  • Improve your Brazilian Portuguese, if you know zero local words and phrases then your chances of gaining employment. You might want to view our Portugese courses in Brazil and arrange course with a language school.
  • Just like in other countries, when job hunting in Brazil you will come across internet ads and agecnies which might require you to pay a fee. Always be cautious when asked to provide money for a service, research companies thoroughly and check to see if they have a website or Facebook page where you can see feedback.


What to Expect

  • Working hours - Most people work eight hours per day usually between 8am and 6pm with one or two days off per week.
  • Holidays - Employees are usually entitled to up to 30 days' holiday after working full time for a year with the same employer.



The local currency in Brazil is the real.  Wages in Brazil really depend on the role and companies. Wages can be very low compared to countries like the USA and UK.



Tax is quite high in Brazil starting at 7.5% with the top level at 27.5%. If you are a foreigner you will pay the higher end 27.5% tax on income earned in Brazil.


Help / Advice

If you need any help getting a job in Brazil please get in touch. Or if you have ever been to work in Brazil and would like to add a review, write about your experience or share any recommendations please contact us.


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