In 1987, the world’s greatest language chain was born, in Campinas, São Paulo. 

From an ordinary school, the built of a great teaching network started, and today is through the borders of our country. With a special methodology, Wizard bets on courses that follow the individual characteristics of every student, preparing them to enjoy the learning as its fullest. Always trying to highlight the student, Wizard continues to be the Brazilian’s main language network school. It has already 1.200 units and it’s still expanding.

Wizard’s students can qualify quickly on the labour Market and stay ready for the bilingual life. The exclusive teaching methodology, allied to the technology, allow a continuous and simplified learning. 

The greatest purpose of the educational methodology ist to promote the complete development of the communication habilities: speaking, listening, reading and writing. With a full pedagogical method and aligned to a countless number of success experiences, students have the opportunity to know more than a language. Through advanced teaching techniques, students can develop personal, cultural and academic aspects, other than leadership e self-motivation. Therefore, they are encouraged to express themselves freely, defeating their inibitions and learning blocks.

Wizard has unities in Brazil, United States, Japan, Paraguay and Costa Rica. Offering courses in eight languages (English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese for foreigners, Japanese and Chinese); it is the first English school to adopt the braille system. It is also the first to adopt the international certification TOEIC as pedagogical pattern.

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