Volunteer Action for Change Kenya

Volunteer Action for Change Kenya (VACK) is a development platform created by Kenyan Youths to enhance the process of sustainable service delivery at the local community level.

VACK aims to inspire youth and women, in particular, to actively participate in the development process through skills development, empowerment and support for the implementation of local initiatives. Our services are realized through voluntary exchange, leadership development, development cooperation, intercultural exchange, community service, non-formal education, empowerment programs.

Volunteering in Kenya is a unique blend of community service and cultural submergence as Kenya is a conglomerate of different culture, languages, traditions and people.

VACK is a not for profit organization that provides services using the voluntarism approach that is aimed at enhancing the development process and service delivery of community development initiatives. Our activities are geared towards the promotion of peace, understanding, justice, development, and information exchange among Kenyans and within the international community.

We have learnt that helping discover potential is the most valuable gift that we can give.


To recognize young people and women as a valuable resource to society development, and upholding their rights to participate in the development of policies affecting them by means of a continuous structured dialogue with young people, women and youth organizations.


  1. Improve the skills capacity of youth & women
  2. Develop & promote viable voluntary opportunities
  3. Promote responsible attitudes among the youth
  4. Mobilize resources for the development of community initiatives
  5. Promote the delivery of sustainable services in local communities
  6. To create a pool of social entrepreneurs readily willing to assist in addressing the local socioeconomic challenges.


Volunteerism for uncompromising sustainable development


Improving and spearheading the safe and wellbeing of the communities we serve through volunteering interventions.

Through this we hope to have a society in which the dignity of every person is safeguarded and promoted, in which each individual person may enjoy fundamental liberties, have access to resources and services, have the possibility to live in a healthy environment and improve the quality of life in all aspects; a global society in which every single individual and all communities have the right of self-determination consistent with the cultural rights of other peoples and every man and woman on earth.


We promote sustainable community development through:

  1. Gender & Cultural awareness

The program examines social and cultural understanding of gender concept. Through empowerment, capacity building, awareness and advocacy, we create learning opportunities for the youth and adults on the crucially important role a society and its culture plays in the construction and maintenance of gender norms & sexual practices.

Areas of focus: Gender, Sexuality & Cultures: examines the makings of masculinity, femininity and sexuality through typical representation of gender in a multicultural society. Sexual & Gender-Based Violence Prevention: focuses on primary prevention; in particular, changing social norms and behavior through empowerment and intervention programs. 

  1. Youth Development and Empowerment

The aim is to not only recognize the sheer abundance of potential within the youth, but to actively provide them with basic human rights such as safe environments to learn in and the opportunities to grow educationally, physiologically and social, regardless of social or economic circumstances.

We create an environment where youths are treated with respect and have the opportunity to build skills and knowledge to empower them and pave the path to a successful life. We are proud of our contribution in fostering a generation of motivated leaders, full of passion for education, culture and respect to others. The youth are given the tools they need to actively sculpt their futures, allowing them to live up to their potential without limitation of their backgrounds or economic conditions.

Areas of focus: Social Entrepreneurship: it aims to equip youth with entrepreneurial skills to address the challenges of social, economic and environmental nature, and provide them resources for practice. Sustainability Leadership: aims to equip youth with leadership skills that guide them in scaling impacts of their social ventures towards growth and sustainability.

  1. Environmental sustainability

The program examines the social understanding of the sustainable development and endeavors to equip youth with an understanding of the current and future social, economic and environmental issues; developing an open mind on challenges to sustainable development and foundational knowledge, skills and attitudes within this field.

Areas of focus: Environmental Awareness: focus on challenges to social, economic, and environmental development; developing actions which lead to sustainable resolutions. Environmental Skills & Attitudes: focus on resolving environmental issues and enhancing youth's knowledge, skills and capacities to improve and maintain environmental quality.

  1. Peace building & Conflict transformation

The program examines social, cultural and individual understanding of peace building process and improves youth perception on how to transform conflict without resorting to violence. Further, focuses on addressing challenges of violent conflicts, discrimination and youth knowledge gaps in the field of Peace & Conflict Transformation.

 Areas of focus: Peace-building: focuses on activities aiming at promoting a culture of peace by reducing or ending violent conflicts and averting the outbreak of violence. Counter Violent Extremism: focus on generic prevention; create initiatives aiming at identifying youth influencing factors & behaviors, reduce risks & strengthen protective measures.

  1. Career Development & Mentorship

We prepare young people to be healthy, productive, and engaged citizens. We believe that educated, employed, and engaged young people possess the power to solve the toughest challenges facing communities.

Under this program we have career guidance and exploration, job preparedness, skills matching, mentorship, entrepreneurship and life skills development


Volunteering gives everyone without exception the opportunity to get involved in humanitarian activities that they’ve never tried before, cultivating new technical and social skills as a result. Particularly for (though not limited to) students, this allows them to develop aspects of their character that are often overlooked in the classroom, making new areas of their personality come to light

Volunteering places you in unfamiliar environments, forcing you to learn how to quickly assess situations and adapt to different scenarios; these skills are a valuable asset for any direction that your life will take you. In addition, you are given the chance to develop more nuanced problem-solving skills and teamwork abilities, because when carrying out a project or event, obstacles are sure to pop up. How well you and your team overcome these challenges is largely dependent on how well you communicate as a team and the creative solutions you can come up with to relieve the situation.

Volunteers are placed in different projects across the country to assist in service delivery. Volunteer assist in service delivery, skills development, knowledge sharing, capacity building and intercultural exchange towards building a strong community that can be able to implement community initiatives capable of addressing the socioeconomic needs of the society. Under this program, volunteers are placed in the following project areas:

  • Educational projects
  • Environmental conservation/agriculture Projects
  • Social service/childcare projects
  • Community healthcare projects
  • Community development & awareness projects
  • Capacity building projects
  • Special needs projects
  • Youth/Women empowerment projects

Volunteers work closely with local community members towards implementing these initiatives. We recruit volunteer both locally and internationally who are interested in working closely with our community development initiatives.

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Volunteer Action for Change Kenya Reviews

Educative experience

I enjoyed serving in your youth centre and working closely with local youths who have the energy and capability to transform Kenya. Will indeed come back

By: Jethro Reuben
Nationality: South Africa
Age: 38

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