Touch the Heart of Africa (TtHoA)

Social and Eco Tourism in South Africa: come see the real South Africa in all its complexity and beauty, while having fun, learning and helping those in need.

Touch the Heart of Africa (TtHoA) is a Non-Profit-Organisation, incorporated under Section 21 in South Africa. Primarily a social-eco tourism non-profit organization, we aim to show socially and environmentally minded tourists the beauty and diversity of the South African landscape, while helping real socio-economic development to take place. Our operations are based in beautiful, rural North West province, located a 2 hour driving distance from the bustling capital city of Johannesburg.

TtHoA starts by identifying the immediate, short and long term needs of rural communities and local grass-roots organizations and then encourages international volunteers and philanthropists to come to South Africa to help to fulfil these needs. We do this through facilitating the granting of ‘wishes’ from community organizations, offering specialized 10 day tour packages that mix fun and adventure with philanthropic activities, and through extended volunteer placements in local communities. All of the organizations we work with are carefully evaluated and we follow up regularly to ensure that real impact is taking place. Through extensive experience and a diversity of backgrounds our tour-guides also ensure the safety of all participants while helping them learn and grow away from the usual tourist hot-spots.


The famous Big Five usually refers to five of Africa's greatest wild animals. Unfortunately there is another infamous Big Five at work here; namely the five factors of poverty – ignorance, disease, apathy, dishonesty and dependency.

At TtHoA we aim to combat all of these factors. Through keeping up with research and measurement and evaluation we fight ignorance with knowledge. Through our wish granting we also fight both ignorance and disease. Finally, we tackle apathy, dishonesty and dependency through empowering communities from the bottom up and letting them set the agenda for what they want to accomplish and how. Through our connections with the grass roots organizations as well as our government and community partnerships we have a good idea of the development sector at all levels in our province and the country as a whole. We therefore want to bring you, the philanthropically minded tourist, to our beautiful country to see what we can offer you and you can offer us!

Please look at the tabs on the left for a full and comprehensive list of all of our services. In addition to our status as a non-profit organization, we also offer highly professional and competitively priced business, development and corporate social investment services through our for-profit arm, TtHoA consulting.

Volunteer in Africa

There is a saying: “giving money is a privilege, giving your time is an art – somehow there are very few true artists”.

At TtHoA, volunteerism is part of our gift to the community. Volunteering abroad means travelling with a purpose, it means you are more than just a tourist. You are assisting a country desperately in need of your help. In turn, volunteers are richly rewarded by gratified people, breathtaking scenery and exposure to diverse cultures.

Our volunteers usually have a life-changing experience through sharing their enthusiasm, time, skills, and passion. Getting involved in a community abroad equips them to do the same in their own communities back home and to educate friends and family about the realities of life in a developing country.
Connecting Volunteers with Community Projects

We help any individual, student or gap-year traveller that would like to come to Africa and work as a volunteer at an NGO in rural North West province. We also help arrange accommodation and transport for the volunteer. This allows for skills and much needed human capacity to reach areas where it is needed most. NGOs seldom have the capital resources to employ sufficient staff members – for example, just imagine the impact that a medical or nursing student can have at a home-based care organization in a rural South African village, as well as how much such a student can learn about African health issues…

For more information on how to get involved please take a look at our volunteering positions by clicking the button below or contact us at with specific requests.

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