Safisha Africa Welfare Foundation

Safisha Africa Welfare Foundation(SAWF) is a non governmental organization established in 2008 and registered in 2010 in Nairobi Kenya.

The organization caters for over 100 children who are underserved and need sponsorship to go on with education.The non profit organization  believes in sharing with the less fortunate so that they can also live a life of dignity in future.The project is education catering for children from 3years-14 years who would not have heard chance to be in school.The program is teaching,child care,feeding,provision od education materials and education facilities.Wer therefore require volunteers to offer skills to the children and families we serve.

The organization exists as a charity to support the poor communities who are underserved in the area of  education and need help.As an organization we offer physical,moral,sociol and economic support through the provision of education materials,facilities,feeding program, medical support and free learning in a classrom to enable many children to be enrolled for better learning.

We support particularly children from poor backgrounds who are vulnerable .SAWF is currently helping children in the settlement scheme who need  the help in education. Safisha Africa Welfare Foundation situation analysis of children and women  is based on the population  growth of people in Kenya whch expands by 2.8% annually  puttting pressure on the migration of people from rural to town in search of job which never come by the way allowing  poverty to increase.

Today there is high cost of basic food ,basic services such as health and education placing enormous burden on families and the most affected are children and women.The organization found the issue of education as a concern particularly for children from poor families. Some children cannot afford education materials nor buying of uniforms and so the limit put  on poor children to access education hampers their advancement in education.

With such a problem SAWF therefore address the gender parity in education and seeks the help of volunteers in teaching, child care and helping in activities of the organization that support the childrens project

Duration / Dates

we offer volunteer opportunities for the poorest children in Nairobi,Kenya.It is exciting to volunteer to a child who has a poor background it gives hope in the life of a child.

Costs / Pay

The organization requests you to donate for the worthy cause of the under served child.The cost is through a mutual communication and is $250 per month

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