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Kenya is one of the most popular destinations when taking a Africa gap year.  Our website features gap year programs and backpacking trips for students, graduates and career breaks including adventure travel and budget options. 


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Guide to Taking a Gap Year to Kenya

When you imagine Kenya you might not also think of a tropical coast with hundreds of miles of scenic ocean and white sandy beaches, blue / turquoise-coloured warm water, relaxed islands, tropical rainforest, high mountain peaks, non-active volcanoes and pretty savannas. Kenya is this and so much more.

If you have every though about visiting Africa and doing something like helping then we highly advise Kenya as a potential destination. Kenya's culture is very different to what you might be used to but this country is very safe to visit and local people are very friendly. Gap year trips can be joined all year round and are very worthwhile.

People are needed in Kenya throughout the year and there are lots of unique and different gap year programs you can join. Most organisations will need you to be aged 18 and over but there are also summer and shorter 2 week trips available for 16, 17 and 18+ age groups. Remember Kenya has a warm climate almost all year round so pack and dress light.

The safest and our best recommendation for traveling and seeing more of Kenya is to join an organised adventure. You can view these on our website, some include camping, going on safari or just traveling through this region of East Africa and seeing more countries. We recommend joining an overland tour on Kenya so you will be able to get off the beaten track and see this beautiful country for yourself. We list gap year small group adventure tours where you will travel with other internationals and really be able to see the real Kenya. 

There are departures all year round and different trips for different interests, most trips start in the Kenyan capital Nairobi and from here you could go see the Masai or journey to the rest of the country. On safaris you can expect to see lots of wildlife like elephants, lions and buffalo roaming the savannas and endless plains. Research gap year trips in Kenya carefully though as they are not like an easy experience, living conditions can be rustic whilst this country does not have the same living standards as the West for example. Finding paid work in Kenya is very difficult unless you would like to work as a tour guide leading group trips.


Kenya Gap Year Programs

Top Tips & Advice

  • Please do lots of research before signing up to any program to make sure it matches your interests / requirements
  • Try to always respect the local laws and wear appropriate clothing for the customs, tradition and warm weather


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Kenya Gap Year Reviews & Experiences

"Jambo! Everyone is lovely, and the camp is so beautiful...and the food!! DELICIOUS! Absolutely no problems this end, except my Swahili is particularly appalling! Many thanks for getting in touch, and also for contacting home for me. I hope England isn't too cold for you...particularly hard to sympathise with you whilst looking out of the window and onto Diani beach!" - Verity Lyndon-Stanford, UK

"Everything is much more fabulous than I could ever have imagined, and Kenya more than ticks all the boxes! I now see what mum meant by saying this is an addictive lifestyle, and how easy it is to fall in love with Africa! I had such an amazing time. The guides and local staff running our camp were the best and told us African tales which made everyone feel at home!" - L-S Jane Phillips, who participated on a gap year program with The Leap

"I booked a gap year trip starting in Kenya and then travelled across the country to Kisumu which is based on the shore of Lake Victoria and the third largest city in Kenya. It has even been named by the United Nations the 'Millennium City' - the first of its kind in the world. Kisumu is busy, but not on such a grand scale as Nairobi, but still buzzing with street music, markets and children! It still amazes me to this day the children that will approach you on the street intrigued by you because of your white skin. It is mind blowing at first when children come up and hold your hand. Again this is something that would never happen in the UK because of a lost society, with no spirit or resilience – something Africa and the places we visited were rich in. We had a very trusting guide who was never far away if we were not sure where to go. Kisumu is an easy to get around city, readily available transport and necessities close to most hotels. I would recommend adding to your itinerary" - Janine, UK

"I had the most amazing time on my gap year project in Kenya with The Leap. I think its safe to say we are all absolutely in love with Dianni Beach." - Inga Laura Helm


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