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We are 100% non profit, your donation goes to support our work not in our pockets and what's more we are cheaper than most commercial organisations.

Still not sure then, see what we've achieved

In the last year we've funded;

* Funded a 14 bed burns rehabilitation unit in Bolivia
Developed a burns prevention programme
* Built houses for impoverished families in Cambodia
* Developed a maternal health programme in Cambodia
* Supported various education programmes / care programmes
* Opened and operate a medical clinic in Cambodia
* Paid for care assistants in Tanzania
Supported the building of water wells in the Masai Tanzania

Don't just think about it do it - change your life by helping the people we support change theirs.

Does volunteering make any difference?

Its not an easy question to answer because a lot of volunteering does do more harm than good and many of those selling 'volunteer tourism' are simply glorified holiday companies, who care little for the impact they have.

But done correctly it can and does make a real and significant difference, so when your looking at booking ask a few simple questions of the company / charity to get a real sense of the impact you will have.

* Are they non profit
* Where does the money go - Check the small print the big organisations are very good at hiding the truth
* What do returned volunteers say about their experience
* What involvement do the local community have with the project? It should be led by them
* Does the organisation or partner have a long term sustainable strategy
* If your working in an orphange or care environmernt - check why it's there and what role it plays in the community
* Check the organisations child protection policies

Please do take time to check the facts you don't need to go with us but, bigger does not always mean better

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