Paso Adelante

Paso Adelante is an internship program based in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala designed for students and professionals seeking to enter international development in Latin America.

There are two options for internships: a three-month and four-month program.  In each program, interns first go through an intensive Spanish-learning program to build proficiency.  Students then work in high-impact internships according to their interest and experience.  

Paso Adelante internships are project-focused, meaning that interns will come to Guatemala specifically to share their relevant knowledge and experience in executing a project identified by our partners.  Read more about our projects. 

The expectation is that interns leave the Paso Adelante program with the tools and experiences needed to advance their career in Latin America or in their respective home countries working with Latino communities. 


About Our Programs

We have placements available in:

  • Food Security
  • Civil Engineering
  • Waste Management
  • Social Work
  • Agriculture
  • Marine Biology

Each internship experience has three phases:

  • Phase 1: Learning Spanish
  • Phase 2: Fieldwork
  • Phase 3: Report, Presentation and Final Assessment

Through an emphasis on Spanish language ability and meaningful field experience, interns will graduate from our program well-equipped for other opportunities in the region.  

We have partnered with the Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Agriculture Livestock and Alimentation (MAGA), the Guatemalan NGO Visión and the Swiss NGO Helvetas to help execute our projects in rural communities in Western Guatemala. 

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