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Interested in Scuba Diving in Fiji? Well there are 2 options, dive what everyone dives… or dive what the top divers in the wold cross the globe to dive. Simply one of the most amazing locations in the world.

Taveuni is not for the fast music party junkies, instead it is for people that have learned to enjoy a place that goes back to the basic pleasures of life.

Pristine water, peaceful surroundings, warm water, sunny days, beautiful marine fauna and the privilege to be surrounded by a fantastic setting of accommodation, guests and guest services.

Feeling a bit envious? Well, you should be! But the idea of this post is not just to talk about Taveuni, instead , it is an invitation for you as a diver, to move away from crowds. I want to invite you to awake your inner scuba-explorer. That soul that wants to go to amazing destinations, to discover untouched coral reefs and to discover that the best dive sites in the world are the ones where fish remain curious about what a diver looks like” Paradise Taveuni, best Dive Center location 2008 – Editor of

Somosomo Strait (Fijian for ‘good water’) on the doorstep of Paradise, has strong tidal currents, which provide a constant flow of nutrients, idyllic for soft corals and diverse fish life. Taveuni is world renowned for the spectacular soft coral sites such as Rainbow reef. This is a fringing reef almost 32 km long on the southwest corner of Vanua Levu and easily accessed from Paradise. Not only the best Fiji scuba diving, but one of best scuba diving vacation sites in the world. If you haven’t dived Taveuni, you must put it on your ‘to do’ list!

Dive sites in Taveuni are exciting and varied with sheer reef walls from 3000 feet to the surface, shallow sunlit coral gardens and current-flushed channels. You can even find “gravel groveling” and “muck diving” in protected bays on the Taveuni coast.

So expect to be amazed by Taveuni underwater treasures, with 1500 species of fishes including dozen of rare or endemic species, 1000 known species of invertebrates and thousands more discoveries predicted.

Just check out what divers have to say about Diving in Taveuni.

“We dropped into the blue and descend to a sandy ledge at 100 feet where a giant hammerhead shark was sighted. Schools of barracuda and jack inhabit around Rainbow Reef. It was simply amazing, easily 100 ft-plus.”

“From bottom to top there were intense pockets of filter feeders: crinoids, giant gorgonian fans, black coral and massive soft coral tress. The diving is timed to hit enough current to engorge the soft corals and cluster the fish together. That’s what makes these reefs so vibrant and unique…”

The Somosomo Strait is the narrow channel that separates Vanua Levu from Taveuni, and with every tidal change the rush of water fuels lush soft coral growth. That’s why there is so much underwater in the Taveuni dive sites, making this the best place to dive in Fiji.

Our signature dives along Rainbow Reef and the Great White Wall finds soft coral covering nearly every inch of reef space.

So what is diving in Taveuni like?
Well, simply fantastic… and if you love to dive, this is the place to go. Because of the speed and quickly changing nature of the Taveuni currents, most of our dives are conducted as a boat drift, so you won’t have to find your way back to the entry point at the end of the dive. This means, less navigation time, more fun time!

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