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Pack Safari would like to assist you as you prepare to explore this great and fascinating country. 

At Pack Safari, we design superior tours, incorporating the most inspirational places, nature and cultures that Southern Africa has to offer. Our services include consulting on and booking of accommodation establishments and rental cars as well as complete packages of self drive and guided tours.

Though Namibia is the heart of our operation, our expertise and passion extends past her borders, into South Africa, Zimbabwe and Botswana. The combination of our love for the places and the people, and our keen dedication to unsurpassed service, ensure that each tour is unique, extraordinary, and perfect for you.

Guided tours are our specialty, with group sizes of up to 16 people. We compile the tours to your needs, and the small group sizes ensure individual attention, and an exposure to the warm hospitality that Namibia is renowned for.

Our qualified tour guides are filled with both knowledge and passion, and will strive to anticipate all your needs, answer all your questions, and help open your eyes to things unseen. In the time you travel the country, make friends and forge bonds, and return home with hearts filled with fond memories.

For travellers who prefer to travel with independence, flexibility and solitude, we arrange carefully designed self-drive tours. Selected pre-arranged accommodation is welcome repose after a days travel through beautiful new areas. If assistance is needed, we are just a phone call away.

For those who are travelling with less time, or those to whom the more remote destinations are preferred, we offer fly in safaris, ensuring access to some hard-to-reach areas, and some truly unique views of the landscapes.

Integrity is our greatest principle, and our focus lies on swift and efficient feedback, and productive and open communication to ensure the best possible partnerships. All routes have been tried and tested, as has all the recommended accommodation on any tour.

With 20 years experience in tourism, we guarantee reliability, peace of mind, and the journey of a lifetime!

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