PACIFIC PRIMATE SANCTUARY, Inc. is a federally authorized, nonprofit wildlife conservation organization, providing refuge to New World monkeys in Maui, Hawaii.

Pacific Primate Sanctuary relies on public funding and the assistance of volunteers. We appreciate your interest in this critically important effort. The Sanctuary is staffed by local volunteers, and we have no full-time paid employees. We are fortunate to have a small core of helpers here on the island of Maui who have their own housing and transportation. We are currently unable to accommodate live-in help. Within the next year we plan to have living quarters (a 24 foot YURT) for non-resident personnel.

We urgently need volunteer assistance with fund raising and grant writing. We need public relations help from people with national and/or international contacts (perhaps you know a celebrity who will support this cause?). We need volunteers who are experienced on Macintosh computer (MSWord, XL, PageMaker, PhotoShop, FileMaker). We need a facility and personnel manager, animal caretakers, a veterinary technician, primate nutritionist, a secretary, farm hand and gardener, someone who can operate heavy equipment, etc.

Please fill out and send a Volunteer Application, offer your skills, and your love for the animals with whom we share this Earth. We look forward to hearing from you and having you join us in this life saving work.

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