Volunteer in Democratic Republic of the Congo

Volunteer in Democratic Republic of the Congo

The Democratic Republic of the Congo, also known as DR Congo, the DRC, DROC, Congo-Kinshasa, East Congo, or simply the Congo, is a country located in Central Africa. Find structured, free & low cost volunteer opportunities in the Congo with international and local charities, NGO's, non-profit organisations and animal sanctuaries.


Why Volunteer in the Congo

  • Learn about fantastic work being done on the ground
  • Authentic experience, a lot less touristy than volunteering in South Africa for example
  • Meet friendly local people
  • Make a real difference
  • Get a life changing experience


Popular Places to Apply

You can find placements throughout the country in places like:

  • Kinshasa
  • Lubumbashi
  • Mbuji-Mayi
  • Kisangani
  • Masina
  • Kananga
  • Likasi
  • Kolwezi
  • Tshikapa
  • Beni  

Please not most wildlife conservation programs are in very rural areas of the country.


Best Volunteer Organisations in the Congo

These places are recommended for international participants keen to make a difference in the Congo:

Help Congo

HELP Congo is a Congolese association and NGO working for the protection of primates, particularly chimpanzees, and their habitat. 


Congo Volunteer Reviews & Testimonials

Have you ever been to volunteer in the Congo? Would you like to share your experience or recommend an organisation? Contact us today.


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