Nko Abroad

Nko Abroad encompasses all our knowledge, experience, and ingenuity learned in the past to serve you through our institute.

We are a team of entrepreneurs composed of students, community members, partners, and supporters.

Collectively, we’ve either interned, studied or worked with six international organization across Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America.  As a team, we’ve critically assessed and reflected on our previous organizations and their systems to proudly bring you this particular experience with Nko Abroad.  In short, 

We envision sustainability in communities we work with, envision life changing opportunities for Interns, alongside meaningful experience for our staff.


Our Programs

Traditional internship programs bridge the gap between theory and practice.  Nko Abroad frames this engagement through collaborations between Interns and local entrepreneurs, cultural immersion and in-country exploration for a life-changing experience.  Nko Abroad is an entrepreneurial internship program that offers interns a chance to innovate with local entrepreneurs, immerse oneself in the local host culture, and to have fun in emerging economies globally.


Social Entrepreneurship

For some, the idea of social entrepreneurship combines the passion of a social mission with business.  Social entrepreneurs are mission-driven pioneers that seek to invest in causes that generally benefit the greater community.  They bypass social and economic barriers by creating opportunities for themselves and fellow community members.  Together, social entrepreneurs strive to fulfill the gap the private and public sector have failed to address.

Nko Abroad works with men and women led start-up enterprises in both the informal and formal sector.   We work with entrepreneurs who have innovative solutions to their communities’ most pressing challenges.  Whether traditional or modern enterprises, it’ll be up to the Intern to choose which start-up they prefer to work with.  To foster a smooth transition into the community, Interns are paired with a local resident that will guide them through their experience with said community.  Interns are also supplied with a Nko Abroad Program Booklet, designed to serve Interns through a creative learning process focused on entrepreneurship, and as a space for personal reflection throughout the institute.

Nko Abroad reviews applications on a rolling basis.


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