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Modgaji Conservation Projects started in 1992 with a vision and mission to conserve and rehabilitate endangered species within Southern Africa.

Since then, our main focus is the breeding, rehabilitation, and release of cheetahs. Throughout the years, Modgaji has worked with world-renowned conservation bodies towards this mutual goal of preserving and growing the genetic pool of cheetah and their current population. Other conservation efforts have been aimed at releasing and caring for many other wildlife species.



Modgaji Conservation Projects is located in the Limpopo Province of South Africa and just a mere 30 minutes from the Kruger National Parks closest gate. The Project operates on a 4000-hectare reserve which is home to free-roaming leopard, lion, giraffe, hyena and many other plains game. Here we conduct all breeding, rehabilitation and conservation efforts.



Modgaji Cheetah Conservation offers volunteers the opportunity to be part of this great project and walk and hunt with cheetahs. This will trigger their instinct so they can be released into the wild again. No other project offers this unique experience in the African Bush

We invite you to become a part of a unique conservation project bordering the Baviaanskloof Wilderness Area and forming part of the Baviaans Mega Reserve in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. Participants, ranging from volunteers to students, partake in the whole spectrum of Reserve development; conservation management and wildlife rehabilitation, specializing in cheetah and other endangered species rehabilitation and release.

The Modgaji conservation and animal rehabilitation programme welcomes motivated all participants, i.e: gap year students, career break / sabbatical participants, volunteers, Family breaks, short and long holidays, students looking for practical hands on experience, and anyone with a passion for wildlife and / or conservation.

This programme is targeted at persons wanting to experience behind the scenes on a wildlife reserve, and do meaningful hands on work with the rehabilitation, release, and monitoring of various animals, back to the wild. Participants will also be in involved the maintenance and conservation on the reserve. With your contribution this great area, surviving species such as leopard, kudu, baboon and many other indigenous species will be brought back to how nature intended the land to be.

Hundreds of years back, wild game roamed these vast areas of the Karoo, but due to human and agricultural impact, their numbers were decimated. Through concerted conservation practises, passion, participation, and reintroduction our goal is to restore land and wildlife back to its original splendour.

Past initiatives of the Modgaji Project have resulted in the successful rehabilitation and release of Cheetah, Lion, both Spotted and Brown Hyena, Caracal, Serval, Cape Fox, African Wild Cat, Elephant, Black and White Rhino, and Buffalo on several Game Reserves around South Africa.

This is the experience of a lifetime that will remain with you forever.

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