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Los Quinchos is an NGO that began 18 years ago. The person who started Los Quinchos is Doña Zelinda, an Italian women from Sardeña Iland. She begun this project interacting with kids that she saw in El Oriental (a famous market place).

The majority of kids she found had left their home due to physical abuse like tortures (tying them to the bed, hitting them with objects, not feeding them, etc.), physical and sexual abuse, alcoholic or drug addicted parents, irresponsible parents (sending them to the streets to work or sell drugs).

In Managua, a "Street Project " is utilized to find kids that are in need of basic needs such as clothing, food, or shelter. After locating a child who is in need, they are invited to participate in "The Filter" where the child is provided food and an environment to study in, for school. After about 3 to 6 months of a transitioning period they are then invited to make a decision of going into a home. One of the related projects is called "La Chureca" which feeds and educates aproximately 50 kids that living in Managua's largest garbage dump.

In San Marcos, there is a home for the girls (La Yohoska) and a home for boys (La Finca ). The orphanage for girls at one point had as many as 32 girls but due to lack of space, are currently at 22 girls. The boys orphanage has about 40 boys. All the children are housed, fed, educated, and also attend school.

Another boys home is in Granada called "Casa Lago de niños" which houses about 30 boys and there is a diner in Pozoltega where they feed about 100 kids a day, teach them crafts/professions such as carpentry and how to make hammocks.

The financial overhead is paid in part by an Italian committee. The rest is covered by donations from people like yourself. Nicaragua is the 2nd poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. A donation of $15 is able to send a child to school for a month.

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