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Eco Volunteer UP is an organization located in Ecuador that works with local projects in different regions of the country and help volunteers find the right program to have their best experience on their lifes. 

Our volunteer programs are located in different regions of Ecuador and you don´t need experience. It´s time to help others and lend a hand. We have different programs during all year around and low cost options.

Quito Projects

  • day care center: volunteers take care of children, help teachers, and children drawing, painting and play with the childre
  • children with special needs: volunteers assitant the therapist in different areas of wok as physical, language, ocupattional therapy
  • orphanage: volunteers teach English and assitant the teachers
  • medical: volunteers shadow a doctor in his office, learn about diabetes and take pressure of patients

Amazon Projects:

  • Wild Animal Rescue Center: volunteers feed animals, clean cages, planting some fruits and vegetables and constriction an new cages
  • Conservation and Community: volunteers combine the projects as teaching English, playing with the children of the school, maintaing trails, planting medicinal plants, and organic farm

Coast Projects:

  • Community : volunteers teach English, playing with the children
  • Marine Conservation: volunteers work with sea turtle project as measure them, looking for thir eggs, and other activities, minimum time to volunteer is 4 weeks and from October to April which is the sea turtle season.

Galapagos Project:

  • Conservation project: volunteers work in organic farm, reforestation, planting special plants for the gigant tortoise, nursery

Andes project:

  • Community project: Teaching English at the local school, playing with the children


Duration / Dates

You can volunteer all year round

Costs / Pay

from US$ 295

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