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Eco Caminhos is a self-sustaining Eco Farm situated in the beautiful Atlantic Forest mountain region in Brazil.

We invite people from across the globe to join us and experience our simplistic lifestyle in a peaceful setting disconnected from the hectic world. At the farm we follow the permaculture principles and you can learn about and practice bioconstruction (natural building), agroforestry (syntrophic farming) and renewable energy.

Eco Caminhos is an Eco Farm that has the intention to become a fully self-sustaining community in Brazil. We work in order to produce our own in food, energy and building materials. We believe this is the ideal setting for humans to develop themselves, as we learn to live (coliving), work (coworking), evolve and resolve our problems together.

We have received volunteers from across the globe. Volunteers who want to stick their hands in the dirt, have a real farming experience, leave the consuming world for a bit and live simple in nature are at the right spot. We offer all kinds of volunteer programmes. it starts with a few weeks up to long term involvement and the chance to earn commission or even a salary.

Our volunteer programmes are: 

- Eco experience program (1 day - 4 weeks): Our Eco Experience programme balances volunteering and ecotourism. The programme is designed for people who want to enjoy an authentic, active experience at our eco farm in a beautiful green mountainous area in Brazil. You will be staying with a local Brazilian family, so you can immerse yourself in Brazilian rural culture. You will have the opportunity to practice your Portuguese, learn about local customs and food, and experiment typical Brazilian cuisine. Believe us, Brazilians are very welcoming and the food is delicious! The programme is very flexible. You can work 3 – 5 days per week at the eco-farm in bioconstruction or organic farming. Eco Caminhos also organizes a number of activities, including: Portuguese and English classes, hikes, campfires, and sightseeing.

- Short-term volunteer program (4 - 12 weeks): This programme is ideal for people who have limited time for a long-term immersion or lack the skill to join our long-term programme from the start. Short-term volunteers will work approximately 24 hours 3 days a week. Tuesdays and Thursdays are off.  Volunteers can choose between bioconstruction and organic farmig, After your work day on your weekends, you are free to do as you please. Many of our volunteers use their weekends to explore Nova Friburgo or Rio de Janeiro. 

- Long-term volunteer program (+ 1 year): Long-term is an opportunity for people who are seriously thinking of changind their lives. Join with us if you want to spend time in nature, produce your own food, build your bioconstruction house and generate your own energy. We offer a new approach to volunteering ans sustainable lifestyle. We need people highly motivated and intelligent to help and be part of our cause and team. We help people to find ways to sustain themselves by giving them the freedom to start up their owm income-genersting project. 

We offer bioconstruction and farming training. Volunteers have interviews, manuals and are received and guided by our coordinator. Our rural area is extremely safe. The nearby town Nova Friburgo has a low criminiality level. We organize airport pick ups.

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