Domino Volunteers - Cartagena, Colombia

Domino Volunteers is an all-encompassing and affordable volunteer organization in Cartagena, Colombia.

We place volunteers at organized and reliable projects in a variety of fields including environmental sustainability, education, elderly care, sports, youth development, technology, and marketing. We also take care of logistics including accommodation, meals, Spanish courses, orientation package, 24-hour support, and other services so that volunteers are successful, safe and enjoy their experience.

We are small-scale and only based in Cartagena, Colombia. Thus, we really know our volunteer projects and place volunteers only in projects where they are valued and able to contribute and learn. We pride ourselves on our strong relationships with projects and volunteers and fully support their needs.


Our Goals

1. Support the efforts of individuals interested in volunteering and sustainably experiencing local culture in Cartagena.
2. Provide dedicated volunteers to foundations and projects in Cartagena which provide beneficial purpose in their community and toward a volunteer.
3. Raise international awareness of issues in Cartagena and of initiatives that confront such issues.
4. Foster cross-cultural learning and respect so as to inspire positive and sustainable change in oneself and community. 



Because we are from Cartagena, Colombia and have worked for many years with foundations, we have strong, personal relationships with a variety of different projects, allowing us to match volunteers to projects that are transparent, safe and making a genuine impact. We always account for each volunteer's specific abilities, goals and needs—in addition to those of each project.

We offer the following projects:

  • Teaching English
  • Sustainable Food 
  • Girls Empowerment
  • Child Development
  • Recycling Initiatives
  • Peace Education
  • Elderly Care
  • Sports Programs
  • Conservation Efforts
  • Fundraising Support
  • IT Support
  • Media & Communication

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