Travel to Vietnam

Vietnam is bordered with China, Laos and Cambodia which has thousands of miles of spectacular coastline. Vietnam is one particularly appealing prospect for the more adventurous and we offer lots of travel and holiday options which will provide you with an amazing experience in South-East Asia. There are so many places you could visit on a holiday in Vietnam and so many special highlights. This country has had a well-documented turbulent history, but its tourism industry is going from strength to strength in the country. Vietnam is regarded by travellers as one of the most exotic countries in the World, the nation's embracing of capitalism has allowed it to accommodate a greater number of visitors, many of whom return time and time again. 



Vietnam Travel Guide

  • Capital - Hanoi (population 4,500,000 approx)
  • Currency - Dong
  • International Calling Code - +66
  • Area - 332,000 km2
  • Population - 91,000,000 (approx)
  • Language - Vietnamese + minority languages
  • Religion - Majority Buddhism + others




If you are from the UK or a selected number of countries you can get a tourist visa on arrival if you are flying into Vietnam and stay for 30 days. By entering Vietnam via land you will need to get a tourist visa prior to arrival, this can be done in the UK or in neighbouring countries.


Weather & Best Time to Visit

It is also a good idea to know what the weather will be like when you visit, it's important you choose the right time of year to suit your travel syle. Vietnam has a long hot season and also a wet season and deciding when the best time to go can be difficult due to the weather being different in the North and South, and also because it can be quite unpredictable. Vietnam is busy during peak tourist season around November to March and if you are not a fan of intense heat you might want to avoid this time as temperatures can rise. If a beach break sounds appealing and you are looking for sunny weather in Vietnam we recommend visiting Phu Quoc and Con Dao located in Southern Vietnam inbetween November and June. Or if you would like to visit Nha Trang or Quy Nhon aim to be there around January to September time when you are usually guaranteed sun.


Transport & Getting Around

Vietnam is very lucky to be based on the ocean and the whole coast is a magnificent to travel and see. There are lots of ways to travel overland via train, car, bus or bike and there is also an extensive railway network which connects the whole country. The main line runs from North to South making it easy to travel from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City. You can also travel further North from Hanoi and prices vary depening what level of comfort you go for, we recommend going for the sleeper train option with a bed. You could book private transportation through a travel agency as if you go on public tranport they will charge you a lot more than local people and this can work out more expensive than private options. Jetstar also offer cheap flights but please note during the Vietnamese new year celebrations (Tet) which is in either January or February transport can be booked up or more expensive with local people travelling home. Local transportation in cities is very cheap, getting around places like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minch City will cost less than £1 ($1). If you get a local bike taxi agree a price in advance as some drivers will demand a huge sum at the end of the journey. 



Vietnam Travel Blog

Two weeks in Vietnam: The highlights

Vietnam is different to any other country I’ve travelled to. Less developed than Thailand and perhaps less visited, the country is both chaotic and tranquil in equal measure. The cities are crowded, busy and exciting, whilst the smaller towns and countryside are more relaxed and picturesque. I spent two weeks in Vietnam on G Adventures Vietnam on a Shoestring tour, which began in Ho Chi Minh City and finished in the capital Hanoi. It would honestly be impossible to condense the whole trip into one post, so here I have attempted to cover the highlights and key attractions in each place I visited. 

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