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Vietnam is bordered with China, Laos and Cambodia which has thousands of miles of spectacular coastline. Vietnam is one particularly appealing prospect for the more adventurous and we have lots of trips and packages like learning to scuba dive which will provide you with an amazing experience. There are so many places you could visit on one of our gap year programs or small group adventure holidays, this country has had a well-documented turbulent history, but its tourism industry is going from strength to strength in the country. Vietnam is regarded by travellers as one of the most exotic countries in the World, the nation's embracing of capitalism has allowed it to accommodate a greater number of visitors, many of whom return time and time again. You can also apply to volunteer in Vietnam or take a TEFL courses and teach English if you would like to stay a little longer and do something beneficial.

Vietnam Travel Guide

  • Capital - Hanoi (population 4,500,000 approx)
  • Currency - Dong
  • International Calling Code - +66
  • Area - 332,000 km2
  • Population - 91,000,000 (approx)
  • Language - Vietnamese + minority languages
  • Religion - Majority Buddhism + others
  • Flights: Vietnam is easily accessible from the outside world, you can catch international flights into Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. Vietnam is central to the Far East and increasing numbers of airline operators are now offering discount flights from major airports in the region to facilitate travel between countries in the area, allowing you to experience other Asian cultures
  • Language: It is impossible to learn the whole Vietnamese language in a short period but we highly recommend learning basic words and phrases, this will help when booking / buying things and also interacting with local people
  • Food - Don't be afraid to eat local food including street food, this is very very cheap and usually very tasty. Prices for street food might seem cheap but a lot of the times because you are a tourist you will automatically get charged more. With street food there is a lot of choice and so if the vendor won't lower the price move on to the next stall.



If you are from the UK or a selected number of countries you can get a tourist visa on arrival if you are flying into Vietnam and stay for 30 days. By entering Vietnam via land you will need to get a tourist visa prior to arrival, this can be done in the UK or in neighbouring countries. You will need a valid passport and you will have to pay a small fee. Address of the Vietnamese embassy in London: Consular Section, 12-14 Victoria Rd, London, W8 5RD. Contact: Email: / Website: / Phone Number: +44 20 79371912


Weather & Best Time to Visit

It is also a good idea to know what the weather will be like when you visit, it's important you choose the right time of year to suit your travel syle. Vietnam has a long hot season and also a wet season and deciding when the best time to go can be difficult due to the weather being different in the North and South, and also because it can be quite unpredictable. Vietnam is busy during peak tourist season around November to March and if you are not a fan of intense heat you might want to avoid this time as temperatures can rise. If a beach break sounds appealing and you are looking for sunny weather in Vietnam we recommend visiting Phu Quoc and Con Dao located in Southern Vietnam inbetween November and June. Or if you would like to visit Nha Trang or Quy Nhon aim to be there around January to September time when you are usually guaranteed sun.


Transport & Getting Around

Vietnam is very lucky to be based on the ocean and the whole coast is a magnificent to travel and see. There are lots of ways to travel overland via train, car, bus or bike and there is also an extensive railway network which connects the whole country. The main line runs from North to South making it easy to travel from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City. You can also travel further North from Hanoi and prices vary depening what level of comfort you go for, we recommend going for the sleeper train option with a bed. You could book private transportation through a travel agency as if you go on public tranport they will charge you a lot more than local people and this can work out more expensive than private options. Jetstar also offer cheap flights but please note during the Vietnamese new year celebrations (Tet) which is in either January or February transport can be booked up or more expensive with local people travelling home. Local transportation in cities is very cheap, getting around places like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minch City will cost less than £1 ($1). If you get a local bike taxi agree a price in advance as some drivers will demand a huge sum at the end of the journey. 


Money / Budget

We recommend using both US dollars and Vietnamese Dong when travelling in Vietnam. Don't exchange money on th border into Vietnam as the rates can be terrible. How much you spend really depends on what level of luxury you are seeking and also what you want to do. If you are willing to eat in cheap places and stay in budget hotels / hostels you can get by on abour £10 ($15) per day. On a mid range budget you can get by on around £20 ($30) per day and if you are seeking the best experience possible you can easily spend over £100 per day ($150). Your average hotel room in Vietnam will cost around £3 ($5) but you can spend more and get air-con, tv, en-suite etc. Accommodation is fairly cheap and there is a lot of choice but it is difficult to find real bargains like you can in other countries in South-East Asia. To save money you can east street food and eat in local cafes / restaurants if you are on a budget, this will be very inexpensive and also tasty - just be open minded. Also try to spend or exchange all of your Dong before departing Vietnam as it can be difficult to exchange after, your best bet is find travelling who are heading into Vietnam and might want to change with you.


Health & Safety

There is only one vaccination needed to enter Vietnam and that is Yellow Fever and sometimes you might need to produce proof you have had this vaccination if you have entered from a country which is in the Yellow Fever zone. To stay healthy when on a gap year in Vietnam drink lots of water especially during the hot season when the country is really humid. Take a first aid kit and relevant medication incase of illness, sometimes the local food might not go down well and so diarrhea tablets are recommended. 

Vietnamese people are extremly friendly and most popular destination locals are used to seeing tourists and crime shouldn't be a problem during your stay but don't get into arguments with local people and if you ever feel threatened or intimidated its best to leave the situation. Always speak to other travellers with their recommendations and advice, its always good to get up to date information which can be difficult to get in a guidebook. Snatch and grab and petty theft is a small problem in places like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, try not to flash valuables on the street and also be aware of your bags and belongings. There are a few scams you should be aware of, try to avoid the tea house scam where someone asks if you will help them practise their English, you then get taken to an expensive cafe or restaurant and have to pay a fortune for the bill. Some others to watch out for include trusting someone to find you a hotel and then getting charged a notched up price.


Useful Vietnamese Phrases

We have put together some useful Vietnamese words and phrases for visiting Vietnam. Learning some of the language is recommended which will help you be polite and interact with local people. 

  • Hello - Chao
  • Thank you - Cam on
  • Welcome - Khong co chi
  • Yes - Ko
  • No - Khong
  • How much is it?- Bao nhieu tien?
  • Expensive - Mac qua
  • Sorry - Xin Loi
  • I don’t speak Vietnamese - Toi khong noi tieng Viet
  • Do you speak English? - Ban co noi tieng Anh khong?


Vietnam Gap Year Tours and Backpacking

Best Places to Visit on a Tour in Vietnam


Ha Long Bay

One of the most spectacular places you can see in South-East Asia. Expect lots of limestone rocks sticking up out of the water which looks really amazing. There are lots of boat tours including overnight stays which you can join, we recommened a two day trip with a stop over in Cat Ba Island - search out a local karaoke bar here and you will have lots of fun.


Trekking Tours in Sapa

Sapa is located in Northern Vietnam and on a trek or trip here you will see really beautiful rice fields. The trips here can be arranged in advance or in most places like Hanoi. The journey itself is a lot of fun where you will see really rural areas and villages, seeing the way life really is away from the hustle and bustle of city life.


Ho Chi Minh City

If you want to learn more about the Vietnam war we recommend visiting the Cu Chi Tunnels and the War Museum. Here you will be able to read more about this brutal conflict which ravages this country and at the museum there are lots of old tanks, helicopters and war memoribilia. At the Cu Chi Tunnels you can go underground and see how the Vietcong used to live, the tunnels are tiny and so if you are claustraphobic it might not be a good idea to enter. You can also fire an AK-47 rifle here in a safe shooting range. 


Nha Trang

Tour groups usually arrive in the early morning to the beautiful coastal city of Nha Trang. You will have time to explore the city, from indulging in the local hot mud springs, taking a cycle tour of the city or escaping to Vin Pearl Island for snorkelling via the longest cable car in Vietnam or just relaxing on the pristine beaches! Nha Trang is a popular beach destination on the East Coast of Vietnam, if you are travelling through the country you will more than likely pass through here. This is also a great place to learn to scuba dive in Vietnam.


Mekong Delta

The Mekong Delta is an impressive vast waterway stretching over 50,000km. Expect to see lots of rural vilages, fishermen, floating villages and relaxed lifestyles. There are lots of tours and trips available by land (car / bike) or we recommend taking a boat tour.


Hoi Ann

Hoi Ann is a popular stop off for most tourists and its easy to see why. Expect a beautiful little town with cobbled streets and lots of great places to eat tasty Vietnamese cuisine. You can easily walk around or just relax by the river. This is also a great place to get shoes or clothes made, shops here can design and produce some amazing items at low prices and remember to barter down prices or shop around for the best deals.


Phu Quoc Island

Located in Southern Cietnam Phu Quoc is a hidden paradise, so many islands in South-East Asia are buslting and busy with thousands of touritsts and its advised to visit Phu Quoc before it gets too popular. A new airport is planning for this island and so this is expected to change this paradise island for ever. You can catch a boat taxi to the island and expect some of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam here.



Hanoi's old French colonial past is still visible in its Parisian style architecture, while many buildings also demonstrate the modern side of a new emerging Asia. The Red River dominates the immediate landscape, running right through the city to the Gulf of Tolkin, offering some spectacular views along the way. The Hoan Kiem Lake is also a key landmark in the city and is surrounded by fine eateries and grand hotels. The main attraction, however, remains the city’s old quarter, the heartbeat of Hanoi. Filled with original architecture, lots to see and do and hundreds of shops and restaurants.



Gap Year Traveling in Vietnam

Gap Year in Vietnam

If you are wondering if Vietnam is a safe destination, don't worry, the people are really welcoming and its a great country to be based in. Vietnam is a very cheap country especially compared to others in Asia, you can usually get accommodation and food for less than $10 a day! Restaurants in Vietnam serve a variety of food which is very tasty and cheap. You will probably spend around $5- $10 per day on food which is really cheap compared to nearby destinations. History will play a part on your Vietnam gap year, and so too will the country's geography. Blessed with stunning landscapes, many travellers venture west to the Mekong Delta; a watery landscape that's home to a variety of quaint villages and friendly locals.

Most Vietnam adventures begin in Ho Chi Minch City (Saigon) or Hanoi, the capital, where travellers can visit the resting place of Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam's former president and leader of the Viet Cong. For a mixture of adventure and relaxation, it's advised to head to the beautiful Phu Quoc Island, which is as popular for its adventure excursions as it is for its white sandy beaches. Other places you should think about include Da Nang, Nha Trang, Hoi Ann, Sapa and Ha Long Bay. 




Work Experience & Internships Programs in Vietnam

There are lots of volunteering programs available to internationals which you could participate on a gap year in Vietnam. These include helping at schools and orphanages, there are so many gap year programs in this popular South-East Asia destination. You could work with disabled children at community projects or teach English in places like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Gap year volunteering opportunities are available throughout Vietnam, working at an orphanage is popular or helping local NGOs. Projects can be joined all year round and most require you to be 18 years of age, you can enquire or book these through our website today.



Backpacking in Vietnam


Backpacking in Vietnam

Expect amazing beaches, tasty cuisine, friendly locals and a lot of cultural places to visit when backpacking in Vietnam. Taking a boat trip to Halong Bay is highly recommended whilst learning to scuba dive in the South China Sea is a thrilling experience. You can visit the war museum in Saigon, see ancient temples or just get lost in the backstreets of Hanoi. If you are travelling solo or would like to enjoy a fun / safe experience we recommend joining an overland trip to see as much of the country as possible. Na trang has a beautiful beach, visit the War Museum in Saigon, watch out for the moped drivers in Hanoi, do a trek to Sapa and visit the spectacular Ha Long Bay. Don't be afraid to barter for prices especially for clothes in Hoi Ann. Phu Quoc island is an amazing destination but prices for accommodation are really high, if you are on a budget try to avoid. The sun, sand and surf at Mui Ne make it one of the world’s premier kite surfing destinations. There are qualified instructors on every corner just waiting to teach you all they know, so beginners need not feel nervous – you’ll be in good (and experienced) hands. The resort itself is worth a few days. Rainfall is negligible, the beaches are some of the best in Vietnam and the nightlife at some of the beach bars could itself be classified as a whole different type of adventure!



Tours in Vietnam

Tours in Vietnam

While it's advised that travellers draw up their own list of must visit places and book a tour accordinly, there are a few must-see sights that every visitor should consider. First stop for most visitors when exploring Vietnam is either Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City and these are where a lot of tours start. Masses of motorbikes whizz through the streets in their hundreds, and these must be carefully navigated when attempting to make your way from one side of the street to another. Buses, trucks and cars must also be avoided when crossing the city’s jam-packed streets. There is a real vibrancy and buzz surrounding the Vietnam's cities and visiting it is an opportunity not to be passed up. Trips to the Far East don't usually begin and end in Vietnam, with many travellers heading to nearby countries with an equally fascinating past and you might like to also view all of our Asia tours.

To see a lot more than your average tourist we recommend joining an overland tour of Vietnam. There are lots of different tours available all year round where you can experience the big cities like Hanoi and Saigon, or the tranquil towns of Hoi Ann and Na Trang whilst there are a wealth of culturally rich tourist attractions including Sapa in the North of the country. Vietnam has a different vibe to some of its close neighbouring countries in Southeast Asia, while independent travellers spend a week here or a week there in Laos or Cambodia, Vietnam often takes the lion's share of time in what used to be French Indochina with so much to see and do! We have trips which include the best of the best locations with some of the most epic adventures available! There are action packed trips that are full of life experiences but still offers the chance to slow down and soak up the beach vibe and take in some of the wonderful hospitality and knowledge of the incredible Vietnamese culture.


Types of Tours

There are budget and family tours which range in price. Most tours start in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City and then travel North or South, there are lots of overland tours in Asia where you can travel and visit more than one country too. Popular destinations to add to an itinerary include the villages and fields of Mekong Delta and the naturally beautiful Halong Bay, while many tourists also head to Phu Quoc Island to relax on stunning white beaches in the height of summer. One of the benefits of travelling in Vietnam on a tour is getting to stay and eat at locally run places, you will get to sample the most authentic cuisine including rice, fish sauce and fresh seafood which this destination is famous for.


Small Group Adventure Tours

A lot of overland cultural trips also include homestays as part of some itineraries, this is a great way to get full immersion in the culture and integrate with local communities. If you are seeking adventure trips you could learn to scuba dive in Vietnam or fire an Ak-47 gun at the Cu Chi tunnels.


Cycling Tours

In Vietnam, it seems that two wheels can take you just about anywhere. Cycling tours in Vietnam are a great way to get up close and personal with your surroundings, be that as you cycle through jungle along pathways originally cleared for use by the US military, down the sides of mountains in the country’s Western Highlands and through terraced, emerald green paddy fields. If you aren’t averse to getting a little saddle-sore, you can join tours that last for as much as two weeks and take you through some of the country’s best sites. If however, you are worried that your skinny thighs just won’t cut the mustard – there are shorter, more chilled tours that you can embark on for a day or two, some of which involve staying overnight with local tribes.


Trekking Tours 

The plush rainforests and mysterious and imposing limestone karsts make the country a mecca for eager-trekkers! If you want to tackle the country’s highest peak, you can set off for the three days that it takes to reach the summit. There are exceptional views and you will journey through remote villages encountering friendly locals along the way. If you can, try and explore the wonders of Vietnam’s most famous nature reserve, Pu Long. Ha Giang is one of the most varied treks and it will take you keen ramblers through scenery that traverses rocky mountains, rivers, valleys and those famous paddy fields we’ve all heard so much about. Keep an eye out for the wildlife!



Most tours use buses, planes and overnight trains to get to each destination. The sleeper trains are made up of cabins with two bunk beds (4 people per cabin.) Bedding is provided. The train is very comfortable with air-conditioning and western style toilets. Motorbikes and bicycles are the most popular form of transport, you can find bike tours and specalized trips throughout the country. The scenery along the way is absolutely magnificent - this really is a spectacular country!



This can vary but generally you will stay in hostels, hotels and guest houses aswell as a local homestay.


Start Locations

Most tours start in the bustling city of Ho Chi Minh, a metropolis that was the former capital of South Vietnam or in Hanoi in the far North of the country. On the first day you will meet your new travel companions and tour leader at a welcome meeting and optional dinner. 



Some tour companies work with low overheads meaning they are able to pass the savings directly on to you with great prices and quality accommodation, transportation and tour leaders. The price you pay really depends on where you visit, how long you want to join for and also which level of comfort you want. Sometimes you might need to pay an additional local payment to pay for tips and in-country staff. Also a part of the tour price includes a donation to local charities, you will need to check this.


Food & Drink

Most meals are usually included in the price you pay, snacks and extra drinks like alcohol usually need to be covered by yourself.


Start Dates

You can join most tours weekly throughout the year, there is no best time to join.



Traveling by tour is one of the safest ways to experience Vietnam, you'll have an experienced tour leader with the group throughout who can help with any problems and organise all your optional activities you wish to do. Tour staff can either be international or local people depending on the trip you join. 



Scuba Diving in Vietnam

Scuba Diving in Vietnam

Have you been thinking about learning to scuba dive? Want to take a course? Why not visit Vietnam and take a PADI scuba diving course which you can book on our website. On our website you can find beginner Vietnam scuba diving courses, PADI internships, scuba jobs, adventure diving trips and more. We list dive operators who offer cheap scuba diving packages in Vietnam if you book in advance through our website.

Vietnam is a really up and coming tourist destination but not a lot of people know you can learn to scuba dive there, this country has beaches and resorts which are a lot less touristy than Thailand for example, but the diving is just as good! There are lots of options if you have never dived before including beginners courses like the Open Water course and more advanced if you already have been diving before.

The coast of Vietnam is spectacular and there are several dive sites where you can get close to coral and see marine life up close and personal. As you pick up the basics you might get more adventurous with your diving and you'll be happy to know there are lots of specialized trips for you to join in Vietnam. These include travelling out into the ocean under the guidance of experienced instructors to go wreck diving, learning underwater photography skill and more. Vietnam has really low living costs and usually accommodation will be provided in the cost of a scuba diving course. There is also really tasty local seafood which is a must try. Alternative options include learning to scuba dive in Thailand.



Scuba Diving Sites in Vietnam

Scuba Diving Sites in Vietnam

With One World 365 you can search dive centres today and go diving in popular locations like Hoi An, Nha Trang, Whale Island, Phu Quoc and Con Dao. One company we highly recommend - Rainbow Divers have offices and courses throughout the country which you can see by the picture above.



Learn to Scuba Dive in Nha Trang

If you prefer floating to pedalling, then you should pack up that backpack and get yourself to Nha Trang. This is the main scuba destination in Vietnam and whether it’s a new qualification you’re after or just an introductory dive, there is an adventure just waiting for you. There are around 20 dive sites off Nha Trang but perhaps the best is Whale Island where between April and July you might just run in to a few whales and even some sharks who show their faces in order to chow down on the krill and plankton so abundant at that time of year.



Beginners Scuba Diving Courses in Vietnam

How to Book a Course

You can search our featured courses and packages above, there is the option to read more information, enquire or book a spot today. Be sure to book in advance before departing as spaces can fill up quick.




Volunteer in Vietnam

Living in Vietnam as a volunteer will provide you with a challenging and meaningful experience - this is a country with a fascinating history, vibrant culture and resilient people. Backpackers have been attracted to this destination for decades and for good reason too, there is a spectacular coast, tasty food, friendly locals and also lots of rewarding ways to spend a little bit longer and working to improve infrastructure, living conditions and development. Vietnam might be less touristy than Thailand but this isn't a bad thing, less tourists mean a more natural experience where you can mix with local people, eat the local food and also help worthwhile causes. Read on for more information and research a life changing experience today.


Why Volunteer in Vietnam

The Vietnam War ravaged this country from 1955 to 1975 and split Vietnam in two. Years after peace, Vietnam struggled to progress economically but this has improved due to international assistance and investment boosting the local economy and creating jobs. Large international charities, non-profits and also local NGO's have been working to help and international participants have been working on the ground to help with education, community development, healthcare and construction/building projects.

Vietnam is now a very safe and politically stable country, around 4 million people visit every year - start planning a volunteer break here today. Thousands of people choose to volunteer abroad in Vietnam every year, this is a very safe and interesting country to visit but one which has widespread poverty which is where the need for help comes in. Most volunteer programs are found in Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon) and Hanoi in the North of the country. If you would you love to do something different and help others browse our volunteer programs in Vietnam. There are so many ways you can give back and help and people are needed all year round to help. If you need any specific help please contact us and hopefully we can match your interests with a suitable area. 


Location of Projects

We list volunteer organisations, non profits and NGO's which are based in various locations like Da Nang, Tam Ky, Tuy Hoa, Hue, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Programs are not restricted just to the large cities though, you can find programs in rural areas and its up to you where you would like to go. Vietnamese people are very friendly and you will experience a new culture, tasty cuisine and a totally new experience on volunteering projects in Vietnam. You might also want to combine experience and view our volunteer programs in Cambodia too.



Depending on your nationality and visa eligibility you should be able to volunteer in Vietnam. This is an extremely safe country to live and volunteer in and so don't be put off by images of war in the past. Most organisations in Vietnam will require you to be aged 18+ and don't worry if you don't have any previous experience in the volunteers field of work, you should receive help from local staff and training will be provided on arrival. 


Health & Safety

The biggest dangers in Vietnam don't come from people, but include crossing roads in the big cities - traffic can be chaos and sometimes it is risky walking in front of cars, bikes and other vehicles. You will need to check what vaccinations are needed at your local healthcare provider before departing, try to visit at least 3 months prior to departure. We recommend cover for hepatitis A/B, cholera, diphtheria and typhoid. Tuberculosis is an issue in Vietnam with around 600 people dying every year whilst if you are joining programs with animals you might want to get a rabies jab. Malaria is more of an issue in more rural areas of neighboring countries.


Start Dates & How to Apply

Programs are operated throughout the year and you can sign up to volunteer today and join projects at a later date. If you apply through a large sending organisation you might need to pay a fee which includes a structure placement with accommodation, meals, transfers and support. If you apply direct to a local NGO you will get need to be independent booking travel and everything by yourself, sometimes you might need to pay a donation to participate too. There are also summer and group volunteer projects in Vietnam which are popular but you will need to apply early to avoid places filling up. Experiences can last anything from a few days to a few months, its best to stay around a month at least to give you time to settle into a placement so you can get to know the people and really help. 



Types of Volunteer Programs in Vietnam


Work with Animals & Conservation

This country might not strike you as a possible destination to help conservation programs but there are some really great opportunities which operate under the radar. There are various beautiful locations in Vietnam with flora, fauna and animal species which need to be preserved. Due to the population in Vietnam and also the rise in the number tourists visiting every year there are eco tourism projects which have been set up to help. You could find yourself helping in a spectacular location like the UNESCO World Heritage site of Ha Long Bay or somewhere like the river delta. One placement we have on our website is a wildlife rescue and rehabilitation centre which is accepting new participants and where you can help animals. Wildlife is not treated the same as in Western countries and education is a big part of programs, you can either work directly with animals or join initiatives with the aim of getting communities involved in conservation efforts.


Community Development

Vietnam’s economic growth is among the fastest in the world and the country is improving all the time but still around 35% of the population live in poverty. There are various initiatives where you can work on the ground to help build infrastructure in remote regions on the country. You might want to learn Vietnamese words and phrases for these roles especially when working with local people.



People are needed to help at outreach centres and at orphanages in cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Working at an orphanage or community centre is a very emotional but rewarding experience and local people will make you feel very welcomed. These institutions need caring and compassionate people all year round. Sometimes you might get to help disabled, ill and abandoned children which can be very eye opening, please research these types of projects to see if they are right for you. Tasks can include preparing food, helping with daily routines, making fun arts, crafts and music. If you are going to apply we recommend you stay at least 2 weeks, it can have a negative impact volunteers just staying for a week or two then departing. 


Education & Teaching

Schools are state run in Vietnam and parents need to pay for their children to attend higher education. This creates problems for poorer members of society who do not have the money available for structured education at colleges and universities. There are though locally run programs available which help local disadvantaged children and these places recruit and accept volunteer English teachers all year round. Most placements are voluntary but there are paid placements available if you have specific qualifications e.g. a TEFL course and teaching experience (for more information read more information about going to teach English in Vietnam on our parter website).


Human Rights

In 2000 a law was passed in Vietnam which granted women have the same rights as men, but there is still a lot of work to be done helping victims of discrimination and abuse. In rural areas women face many problems like being forced into marriages at an early age and also not being given the same chances of a proper education than boys. As a human rights volunteer in Vietnam you will get to help both women, girls and other members of society overcome the hardships they face in daily life. There is lots of really inspiring work being done by local NGOs working on women's right and you can do your part too. If you have any previous law or human rights skills you might be able to offer advice to people and help poorer members of society get legal representation.


Medicine & Healthcare

Vietnam has a good public health system compared to other countries in Asia and the average life expectancy for Vietnam is around 70-80 years of age which is very good. There are applications accepted for international participants to work in hospitals, clinics and outreach centres. There are options for all skill levels and abilities - you could help local doctors, nurses and other staff with admin, patient help and also directly working with people. You might also get to work in rural communities proving information on hygiene, giving talks and distributing medication. HIV and AIDS are also an issue in this country and you can help stop the spread of the disease.




TEFL Courses in Vietnam

Join a classroom TEFL certification course in Vietnam. Join one of our TEFL courses in Vietnam which are internationally recognised and respected within the TEFL industry meaning you will stand a good chance of gaining employment on competition of a course. There are online, weekend and also longer courses available throughout the country.‚Äč

You can choose from online courses, short 20 hour weekend classroom TEFL courses or if you are seeking something more advanced certiciations there are also 120 and 250 hour options as well. The weekend and short beginners courses are perfect if you are a total beginner, these will allow you to see if this career appeals to you. When seeking employment overseas you will find most employers want candidates who have at least 120 hours of TEFL training with an accredited TEFL provider so you might want to book one of our advanced options. These courses will help you get to grips with teaching and most language schools will be able to help you secure esl employment overseas. Once you have completed a course this will be valid forever.


What's included in Most TEFL Courses in Vietnam

  • Course placement
  • Advice and preparation before departure
  • Airport pick up and transfers
  • Orientation
  • Accommodation
  • Practical teaching experience 
  • Full support from start to finish
  • Activities and Excursions
  • Lifelong TEFL Certification
  • Reference on request


Popular Locations to Study

Places where you can take a TEFL course include Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.


What to Expect

There are usually around 5 - 20 people on each classroom course but this depends on the location and time of year you join. Our TEFL courses in are led by experienced tutors who will make the classes fun, enjoyable and also as informative as possible. On a course you will learn recommended teaching methods, writing, listening, grammar and lesson skills. You will also get lots of tips for deading with a classroom of students and advice about gaining employment afterwards. 



Your language school should be able to arrange accommodaiton prior to your arrival, usually you stay in shared housing with other students but private and also homestays can be arranged. 


Start Dates, Cost & How to Book

There are lots of start dates throughout the year and you can book a course through our website today. Prices vary depending on the course you choose but generally you can expect to pay around £150 ($250) for a weekend course or £1000 ($1500) for a longer more advanced certification. Be sure to book ahead to get a place on your preferred date - this country is a popular place to train.


Teach English in Vietnam

Vietnam is the perfect place to work as an English teacher. Each new day that dawns in Vietnam is an opportunity to have an exciting adventure on an off day from teaching English; to be thrilled, challenged, delighted and exhausted all at once. Thousands of people choose to teach in Vietnam every year and you can too, apply today. Don't let Vietnam's brutal past put you off teaching here, Vietnam is a great country to live in and there are so many places you can find work, from bustling cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city Saigon to small coastal towns like Hue and Nha Trang there is a lot of choice. When you first arrive in Vietnam all your senses will be stimulated by the sights, smells, sounds and textures of this country. Expect students to be very friendly wanting to take you out and show you around, English teachers are held in high regard here.

Vietnam is an up and coming destination which has culture, history, tradition and also extremly welcoming people. It is also much cheaper to live in compared to teaching in Thailand for example which makes it easier to save money. This nation is on the rise after decades of war and poverty, with Vietnam boasting a safe place to live with one of the fastest growing economies in the World, according to the World Economic Forum. Vietnam continually attracts a flow of visitors although Cambodia has been hailed by commentators as one the planet's emerging destinations for those looking to searching for a more exotic teaching abroad destination. 



Teaching Jobs in Vietnam

Vietnam has a booming TEFL market, there are jobs available for beginners who are newy qualified and for more experienced teachers. Its easier to find paid jobs in the main cities where there are more schools and language centres. When working as a TEFL teacher in Vietnam you will mostly be used Monday to Friday around 5 hours per day, working at a school can be a physically exhausting day when you first start, but you soon get into the routine of early starts. If you are freelance or leading private lessons this will be different. There is a big market for afluent Vietnamese people and also expats seeking TEFL teachers and these jobs can be quite lucrative and a better bet for making money than in public schools. The oil industry is also booming in Vietnam and a lot of people are seeking to learn English to enhance their employment opportunities. Vietnam can be a good choice if you are looking for your first TEFL job, you can expect wages of around $15 per hour.



You will need a degree to teach in Vietnam which is still a one-party socialist country. Please note Vietnam instituituions are also becoming quite picky when it comes to foreign teachers and so a lot now require higher qualifications like Celta and previous experience.


Before Applying

Please research all teaching opportunities in Vietnam before applying, there is a lot of choice and this is a diverse country. Depending on your destination you can have a much different experience, for example the cities can be really fun but if you are looking for a more relaxing stay head to the coast or smaller towns away from Saigon and Hanoi. Noise and polution can be a problem and also rents are much higer in these two cities. 



Teaching Internships & Volunteer Placements in Vietnam

If you are looking to gain TEFL classroom experience Vietnam is a great option, there are internship programs available all year round whilst the country is full of amazing travel opportunities. You can help rewarding teaching programs throughout the year in Vietnam, there are orphanages, schools and community development organisations seeking assistance all year round. Vietnam is an up and coming economy but visabily there are lots of problems with poverty which can be quite shocking to see. Luckily there lots of organisations who recruit international volunteers to help.




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