Top Ten Reasons to Study Abroad in Melbourne, Australia

Top Ten Reasons to Study Abroad in Melbourne, Australia

Studying abroad is undoubtedly one of the most rewarding things you'll do, so it's important to choose the right place. I'm here to give you an idea of why Melbourne is the absolute best place to do it. Her are my top reasons why you will love living and studying in Melbourne.


1. It's The World's Most Liveable City 

What better place to live and study, than, well, officially the most liveable place in the world? Melbourne has been ranked the world's most liveable city six years running by The Economist. It achieves this through scoring high on stability, education, healthcare, culture and infrastructure. And those all sound like great things to have while you're studying to me!  


2. Rooftop Bars 

The city has some fierce competition for the best spot to sip on a drink and watch the sun go down over the city. If you're around the Fitzroy area, you can head to Naked For Satan, which produces its own specially infused vodkas. Or, if you're closer to the city centre, head to aptly named 'Rooftop Bar' on Swanston Street, where you'll gladly pull up a deckchair in the sun.  


3. Aussie Rules Football 

Melbourne is the home of Australia's answer to rugby. Originally developed as a way to keep cricketers fit in the winter months, it is played on an oval pitch. This means that 9 teams call the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) their home, tickets are relatively cheap, but the clubs are always looking to win over new fans so look out for deals offering free/half price tickets to students!  


Luna Park Melbourne

4. St Kilda  

St Kilda is the home of working holiday makers in Australia, but there's no reason someone studying abroad should miss out. You can visit the iconic Luna Park, visit the Sunday markets and best of all, head to the beach.  


5. Chicken Parma 

Australia's favourite dish is a giant chicken schnitzel, covered in a tomato and cheese sauce like a pizza, usually served with chips. Additionally, it sometimes comes with pizza toppings.. Ham.. Pineapple.. Well, just about anything! 


6. Public Transport 

The city is teeming with trams, including a 'Free Tram Zone' in the city centre. Public transport is VERY affordable and Public Transport Victoria (PTV) offer half price tickets to students. The fare is also capped at a max price for the day, meaning you can jump on as many buses, trains and trams and really explore the city.  


Study Melbourne

7. The Great Ocean Road 

On Melbourne's doorstep is a 243 km stretch of windy road that skims the coastline, that can be travelled in a quick one day stint or lengthened out to take in the sights. This makes it a great day or weekend road trip out of the city, or you can take a tour! En route you'll most likely want to take a stop at the Twelve Apostles for this great photo opportunity.  


8. Goon 

Students' favourite tipple in Australia, boxed wine, AKA goon is an acquired taste. A two litre bag of wine, inside a box, with a handy tap to refill your glass from, doesn't SOUND like a great option. But when you see the price of other pre-drinks in Australia, it will start to look more appealing. The only big decision you'll have to make is, white or red?  


9. The Yarra Valley 

Just a short drive from the city of Melbourne and you'll be soaking up the sun with a glass of pinot grigio. There are plenty of group tours which will take you around several of the vineyards, each offering free tastings. Once you're suitably full to the brim of the grape, there's even a chocolate factory for you to sober up in!   


10. Travel 

Melbourne is in AUSTRALIA. Cheap airlines frequently have sales meaning that you can be in Sydney in 1.5 hours, Cairns (*ahem* Great Barrier Reef) in 3 hours and Perth in 4 hours. You'll have plenty of time to travel in mid-term breaks and at weekends, it's just about how much you can squeeze in!


By Emily Evans


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