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Mexico is a huge country which offer lots of different experiences, this means you have a lot of choice when it comes to what to do. We have programs for students, graduates, career breaks and people looking to discover. Expect a warm climate, friendly locals, tasty food, amazing beaches, fantastic ancient ruins, parties and a whole range of international travellers. 


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Mexico is full of culture, history and colour and great if you have never been to Latin America before. This is a really big country, you will need around 4 weeks to see as much as possible and try to take a phrase book if you do not speak Spanish. Mexico is a great value destination but more expensive than most others in Central America. Be open to the local culture and try the local food which is very tasty. Mexico also has some of the best nightlife and clubs in Latin America, you can find all night parties and also packages which include accommodation and entry to clubs. Don't leave the country without seeing the Aztec Ruins and also Chichen Itza.

You might want to visit Cancun is probably the most popular and well known destination in Mexico. Cancun has the uncanny ability to attract people from all walks of life and offers tourists a chance to witness ancient buildings that have been standing for many centuries. The beaches at Cancun are breathtaking. Many visitors enjoy the bungee jumping contests near the beach. There are tourist information available on how to participate in exciting bungee jumping activities. One will always want to spend hours on the beaches of Cancun after their first visit to this beautiful location.


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Public transport is cheap but there are also upgrades with air conditioning or geared more towards tourists. The bus service in Mexico is very reliable and fast. If you are nervous about traveling solo you could join a gap year experience, this is a safe and easy way to see more places off the beaten track in a group of around 12 people. On our website you can search gap year adventures which are a popular way to travel. Try to give yourself flexible time to explore the best that Mexico has to offer, get advice from other travellers / locals about where to visit / avoid. If you would like to see the East Coast as quick as possible there is a bus from Chetuman to Cancun which takes 6 hours. This will be a long day of traveling.


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"Some areas of Mexico are super touristy and avoid places like Playa del Carmen and Cancun if you would like an authentic experience. Both these locations are very expensive. But if you are looking to keep your Western comforts and also party you will love them." - Paul, UK

"Mexico was one of the best places I visited in Latin America. I participated on a volunteer program helping sea turtles then after I did overland tour. It was an incredible experience. Don't believe all the horror stories you read in the press, Mexico is safer than you might think." Mark, USA

"Mexico was absolutely incredible in fact I’m going back! Everything from the people, culture, scenery and food exceeded expectations! I was lucky to be apart of such a muti-national group of people and I think we all earned a lot not only about Mexico but about our various countries. The way of life is so relaxed, there is no schedule but everything still gets done! I would highly recommend this project and any project that is based in Mexico."  - Carol, environmental project in Mexico


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