Camp America

Camp America is your chance to do something different with your summer and spend it in the U.S.A. living & working either with children or 'behind the scenes' as support staff on an American Summer Camp.

Each year over 7,500 young people take the opportunity...will you be one of them? If you're a 'first timer' to the programme, read on to find out about the fantastic opportunities & experiences you could be part of in summer!



Camp America is offering fantastic placement opportunities this summer instructing a wide range of activities including Tennis, Archery Climbing/ropes, Waterfront, Science and Technology, Crafts, Fine Arts, Visual Arts, Pioneering, Nature, Performing Arts, and Music Activites!

You do not need to be an Olympic athlete of even a certified teacher we just ask that you have a solid knowledge of your skill, have some experience working with groups of children and be confident enough to teach or assist in teaching. Whilst offering a wide variety of roles we also reward applicants for their experience and qualifications.


What’s Included:

  • An inclusive return flight from London – NY!!
  • Food and accommodation for 9 weeks whilst at camp
  • Something unique to put on your CV
  • A J-1 visa (special visa granted to those who work on summer camps), that also allows you to travel around the USA for up 10 weeks after camp
  • Up to $1200 end of camp pay (depending on skills and the programme you choose)
  • Top-notch customer care and support - most of the Camp America team have been to camp themselves, so we really know what we are talking about!

Camp America is an opportunity you shouldn't miss! Register your interest in working at camp now...

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Camp America Reviews

Camp is An Incredible Experience

I had some amazing experiences at Camp America, I learnt so much and also did so many things I would never had dreamed of doing! The experience is hard, I won’t lie to you, and the first few weeks are overwhelming as you are still trying to learn, but keep going it does get a lot easier. At the same time it is the most amazing, incredible, wonderful experience you will ever have. You will make best friends, and make unbelievable memories.

By: Ella H
Nationality: English
Age: 18

Camp America gives you the opportunity to truly widen your horizons

I worked in a camp for Jewish children - a religion I knew little about before my trip to the States. Working for Camp America meant I got to experience two new cultures, American culture and Jewish culture, whilst teaching a subject I love!

The best thing about Camp America is that they sort out your visa, which means as well as being able to work you can travel for an extensive period of time after camp. I travelled to New York City with many of these people after camp and I am in still in contact with many of them to this day. During my three months in America, I also visited Niagara Falls and took a 10-day tour.

While Camp America is a laugh a minute, don’t expect it to be an easy ride. Breaks are few and far between and I was expected to give up my rest hours to hold auditions and run rehearsal sessions.

One of the best things about Camp America is the close bond you make with other members of staff. Camp America enabled me to meet people from many countries like America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, and Poland.

By: Sarah Williams
Nationality: UK
Age: 20

Amazing Summer

I would recommended Camp America if you are looking for a paid summer job and are interested in seeing more of the USA. They take care of everything e.g. visa, flights, placement etc which is good if you are going solo or if it is your first summer away.

I worked as a sports instructor at a camp in Maryland, we had a huge staff of over 100 people from the USA and all over the world and so it was easy to make friends. I also got to see so many places on off days and also when camp had finished. You won't regret applying!

By: Paul
Nationality: British
Age: 19

This is a summer of a lifetime, you won't want to ever forget it

Take a camera and remember to use it. Keep a journal and note all those funny stories you experience. And if the kids write you cards or give you presents make sure you keep hold of them.

At the end of the summer get your fellow counsellors to leaves notes on a memento for you, whether it be a book or your camp shirt. After camp has finished you'll look back with a smile on your face and a tear in your eye.

By: Araba
Nationality: British
Age: 22

Camp america special needs❤

Camp america has literally changed my life. I'm in my second year of camp and I'm writing this as I'm in my cabin; I'm at a camp called Camp Merry Heart, it's a special needs camp for people from ages 4 up to 95.

People think working on a special needs camp isn't what "summer camp" is all about, but for me the appreciation and gratitude you get from the campers after you've taken wheelchair bound people down the zip line or onto a kayak is what summer camp is all about. Letting them experience things they wouldn't be able to do otherwise.

I started camp america as soon as I hit the age limit and I had never had any experience with special needs, now I'm changing my whole career path to be able to work with this population of people.

Camp isn't just a holiday, it's hard work and an emotional roller coaster but every minute is worth it. If you give up and don't make it "to the finish line" as we say; you'll never really understand what camp is all about.

Reviews don't do nothing for the experience you will have when you finish your 1st, 2nd or 3rd year at camp🤗

By: Bethany Sargeson
Nationality: English
Age: 19

My Camp experience

Last summer I worked at a day camp in Philadelphia. Many of the campers were from underprivileged backgrounds.

Camp was tough. There were days where I wanted to go home,back to normality. Every time I saw a camper smile or they have me a high 5 (this happened loads) made everything worth it.

It's cliche but Camp does change you in so many ways. For me, it made me confident and gave me a greater understanding of other cultures and beliefs.

After camp I travelled the East Coast which was amazing, especially New York. I would recommend doing a Camp America trek. Great value!

Camp America as a company we're brilliant. They were there from the second I applied to the second I landed back home. They do have higher costs than other companies but you pay for thier expertise.

My top tip would say yes to everything, you get out what you put in. I would highly recommend going to camp if you are looking to travel and gain a load of skills to add to your C.V.!!

By: Suzannah Brown
Nationality: British
Age: 21

Camp Oakhurst 2017

I'm in my second month of camp, I honestly can't expect it to get any better it's unbelievable. I've wanted to do camp America since I was a lot younger, now I'm here working at camp for adults and children with physical and intellectual disabilities and every single day I learn something new. As much as I'm here to help these wonderful people they help me, they teach me and inspire me everyday. I have met people that have changed my view of the world and I've met people that I will keep in my heart forever. My director is amazing and so are all of the staff here, endless fun and a self rewarding job. I would urge anyone to try camp America once at least, it's indescribable.
Thank you camp oakhurst❤️

By: Kally currie
Nationality: English
Age: 20

Camp America Review

Personally I didn't have the best time during my Camp America experience. Mainly it was because the camp I was chosen to go to had a lot of things going on that I personally didn't agree with. A lot of bullying, sexist jokes and racism were apart of the camp and even though the directors did apologise for some it continued to go on which lead councillors to quitting. I did enjoy meeting everyone though and I have made life time friends: I would do the camp program again at a different camp but not through Camp America as going through a camp directly you get double the pay and travel reimbursements.

By: Libby
Nationality: New Zealand
Age: 19

Amazing oportunity

I have taken part in the programme 3 times and i couldn't ask for a better way to spend my summer and i plan to return for many years. The support you get from CA is amazing from the day you start the process to he days after you return. Not just have i had 3 amazing summers i have became a Brand Manager and a Regional Interviewer the possibilities are endless. Camp is the best way to enhance your CV and have a Summer of a lifetime (or many years in my case) i have learnt so much in myself and have helped a lot of people along the way especially because i worked on a special needs camp! Don't hestitate to apply you won't regret it!

By: Sophie McGrady
Nationality: British
Age: 20

Amazing Camp Experience

I got hired really last minute but am so so so glad I took the opportunity and ran with it! Hands down the best summer of my life; met incredible people, tried some new things, and experienced new culture.

The camp was simply beautiful and the attitudes and traditions upheld there are ones I'll always cherish and will continue to think of for a long long while.

Made some great friends and would absolutely love to go back! Even got to spend a months travelling the US with some such friends due to the extra time my visa allowed!

By: Elle
Nationality: British
Age: 20

Thank God for Camp America

I have just finished my first year working as a counsellor for 5th/6th grade Explorer boys, and I hope to God it is not my last year. When I got on that plane in Dublin 10 weeks ago I had no personal contact with any member of the camp staff (despite to counsellors also living in Ireland). I had no idea what to expect of the people, the camp, the work, or even the young campers I'd be working with... but I feel so foolish at the panic I felt when I arrived on Day 1. Everything was perfect, everyone was welcoming and friendly, and the work experience... UNBELIEVABLE!
As a 5-day-week camp, I count myself very lucky to have my evenings and weekends free to enjoy time with fellow counsellors and my host family; not many camps offer this luxury. It helped us become closer almost as a Willoway family and I cherish every memory for it.
Don't even get me started on the campers... each and every child, boy, girl, younger, older, you name it. I thank God every day that I had the chance to work with them. From the impressions of meeting them on the first day of the first session, to the emotional rollercoaster of the final day of the last session (this summer), I count myself among the luckiest people of my age group to be gifted this opportunity to work with these people, and the impact that I made on their lives was very much clear through the hugs, and the tears of our goodbyes. Nothing can take those cherished memories from me and I hope to God that it isn't the final goodbye.
I love Willoway, and I hope that anyone who hears its name understands why they need to get involved in this camp in some form... because Willoway is Family!

By: Mark Bradley
Nationality: Irish
Age: 20

Worst Summer of my Life

I had very high hopes going into this summer, I got placed at my camp only 3 weeks before I needed to fly out so it was all very exciting. Initially everything went well, camp america collected me from my arrivals gate at the airport but then I had to wait around 2 hours for other people flying into JFK, after around 10 hours of flying this was not ideal. Then we got to the hotel that camp america put us up in and everything went well, I then got collected by my camp the next morning and off we went, I was very excited. My camp was a jewish camp in Earlton New York. When we got to camp I soon found out that there was no wifi available, this wouldn't have been an issue if I had been forewarned but I ended up spending a lot of money this summer just to let my family know that I was okay. Things quickly went downhill from there, the staff had all gone to camp when they were children and so were not welcoming to new counsellors, I became very close friends with my fellow international counsellors but we were very much excluded and disliked by the american counsellors, it was a very bitchy environment and felt horrible to be so excluded and unwanted. I was prepared for long hours and not much time off but I didn't expect it to be as bad as it was, I was at camp for 7 weeks and only had 2 days off, that's 3 and half weeks of constant working before any day off which felt very unfair and seeing as the environment I was living in was already so horrible that was very hard. I ended up leaving camp 2 weeks early as I couldn't take it anymore, everyday I crossed off another day done and cried because I was so unhappy. For 7 weeks work I received $660 dollars, I never applied for camp america for the money but I think it's only fair that if the experience isn't what you thought it'd be the pay should still be fair, what I was received wasn't anywhere close to what I deserved after 7 miserable weeks of hard work. I seriously urge anyone considering doing Camp America to do as much research as they can on their camp before they go, there was very little information on my camp's website so I shouldn't have assumed everything would work out okay. Knowing you're going to be somewhere for 9 weeks when you're unhappy and miserable is the worst feeling I've ever experienced so just be careful about what camp you accept!

By: Meabh
Nationality: Irish
Age: 20


I had the opportunity to work in a camp in New York with campers with disabilities ages 14-56. It was the best experience and the best thing I have ever done. I loved every minute of it. I would not change it for the world. I met some amazing people and love each and everyone of them. If you have a chance of doing camp America I would 100% Recommend it!

By: Steph
Nationality: New Zealand
Age: 22

Best experience of my life

I have just completed my third year of doing camp america. When I first applied for camp america 3 years ago I did not know that I would be back for another 2 summers. The people I have met have changed my life for the better and we are all still very close.

Coming back and meeting new people each year is never racking however each year I have done it has been unique and special in its own way. I went to a day camp in Saint Augustine Florida. I did not know what to expect from a day camp however now it would be difficult working at a residential camp as I have now made so many amazing memories.

The feeling you get once a child smiles from something you have taught or shown them is something that can't be compared to. Giving them the best experience for a few hours everyday can make their summer. Especially for those who may come from different backgrounds as summer camp may be the only opportunity for them to fully be a child.

I am now in the middle of my travels after camp and I have seen so much. I travel all of Florida (Orlando, Miami, everglades and the keys) and I am now in California (San Diego, La, San Francisco, Lake Tahoe and Yosemite). I have seen so much and have been given endless opportunities because of camp america. Thanks so much for everything. I now have happy memories I can look back on forever.

By: Kevin penrose
Nationality: Irish
Age: 23

Camp America and after Camp travel

I have just returned from America having spent 10 weeks at a sports camp. It was incredible! I was also hired as a Camp America social media storyteller. This meant I shared my journey on instagram (@annaaahurst) and YouTube. If you want an inside look at what kind of things you could get up to at a summer camp take a look at my vlog/video on YouTube at feel free to drop me a message on instagram if you have any questions.

By: Anna
Nationality: British
Age: 21

Redefining my comfort zone

Had a hard start to this year and doubted I would make it to the end. But I persevered and made it to America. Had the best summer I could have hoped for. Had a small comfort zone flying out but working with special needs campers taught me to expand it and push what I thought was my comfort zone. I refound who I was and have made friends that will stay for life.
It also enabled to travel the states after camp.

By: Bryony
Nationality: English
Age: 19

Dream came true

In summer 2016 I had an apportunity to be a camp counselor in USA.I have no words to express how happy I was (even still am). I was 18 years old I had almost no experience but one big dream. I was hired during camp america trade in Krakow. During camp I was working as general camp counsellor I had basketball, canoe,kayak classes also I was working on high ropes park and many more. I have learnt so many things through the whole summer. Even though some days were hard this job was really awarding. One kid's smile at the end of the day was worh hard working. After 3 month of work I was travelling for a month. I made friends for life.Camp America program helped me to make my dream come true. I strongly recomand Camp America to everyone !!!

By: Dominika
Nationality: Polish
Age: 19

My American Summer

Hello everyone I'm Virginia and I've been to the US for nearly three months last summer working as a sailing counselor in a summer camp called Summer Camps On The River in Christchurch (Virginia). It has been the best experience in my entire, and still not that long, life! I met lots of Americans but not only, also lots of internationals thanks to Camp America. After my camp I travelled for three weeks all around the East Coast; the first week with my friends from camp and the second and third week with an organized trek with Intrepids. I definitely suggest this type of experience to everyone who really loves traveling and it's a great opportunity to meet peolple from all over the world and find out different coltures. Right now I can't think about anything better than this!
Lots of love from Italy,

By: Virginia
Nationality: Italian
Age: 18

Absolutely amazing, best thing I ever did!

Doing Camp America was the best choice I have ever made, I learnt so much about not only myself but the American culture and got to experience so much that I genuinely don't think I would have got to if I didn't do it.
America is the only country I've ever wanted to desperately visit and I did that all thanks to Camp America.
I made some amazing lifetime friends and we are already planning next years return and travelling plans. I can't wait to get back there and see my camp family and to travelling more of the US.

By: Amy Rossiter
Nationality: British
Age: 21


Camp America was the best decision I ever made. It really has broadened my horizons. The program makes travelling to America so much easier and you really get into American lifestyle. I learnt so much about America and also other cultures due to the mix of international staff members at camp. The travel opportunities after camp also made this such an amazing experience! I recommend everyone jump into this head first. It has changed my life I'm more confident and now have a serious case of travel bug.

By: Meg Thomas
Nationality: British
Age: 20

One summer isn't enough.

They do not lie when they say you will make friends that will last for a lifetime and create memories that are unforgettable.

Summer 2017 spent in America is one I will not forget. The friends I have made the experiences I have shared are truly amazing. Camp is not only about having your best summer, but you get to make the summer of hundreds of kids.

If you are reading this, your considering camp, so stop reading this, fill in your application and have the best summer!

By: Bree
Nationality: Australian
Age: 23

If you get the chance, DO IT!!

Worked at a summer camp in Massachusetts in 2014 & 2015 as a tennis coach. Without a doubt the best summer's of my life. Although it was a 7:30 start every morning, getting out of bed was never difficult because you're waking up for a day of nothing but sports with your friends. No day was the same as there was so much stuff to do whether it be on the tennis courts, swimming pool or the lake. Spending 24/7 with your new friends makes a very special bond and these are people that become friends for life.
Having a few weeks of your visa left after camp allows you to travel around america, so definitely make the most of this. In the 2 summer's I managed to visit around 15 states . The classic touristy spots; Miami, new York, Chicago. But also having the contacts from camp, I was able to visit the proper America areas like Iowa and small towns in Pennsylvania & Massachusetts which made the visits much more special.
If you ever do have the chance to apply for camp do it, as it basically becomes a free 10 week trip around the USA.
Make sure you apply early and stay in contact with your sponsor company. In 2016 I applied around February through usasummercamps. They told me they'd booked my visa interview and to get all my documents sorted asap. So booked flights, got all the documents together only to get a call to say they can't get me my visa interview. So with the flights already booked I thought I might as well use them with a tourist visa. Long story short got to the airport in Massachusetts and was refused entry for not having the correct visa. Spent a night in prison, sent home the next day and I'm now banned as a tourist for life from America. So make sure you apply early!!

By: Patrick Townsend
Nationality: British
Age: 21

Life changing

I spent 3 summers at a non for profit camp for kids with disabilities not only did I gain great work experience building my team and leadership skills I also learnt so much for the children I worked with. Ten years on and I still count camp America as the most worthwhile thing I have done! :)

By: Kate Beesley
Nationality: British
Age: 32

Camp America 2017

I was a participant of camp america programme last summer. I decited to be part of this in Nobember 2016. I got a placemant in the beginning of January on military camp for boys in New York State. Camp America office in Poland helped me a lot with all of documents - even with visa which is required for people from Poland. I spent the most incredible holidays in my life at this camp. I was working as a kitchen staff (campower programme). I was working from 7:30/8:00 am till 7/7:30pm. I had 1-2 hours breake during the day. In every week I had a day off. I met a lot of people from around the world! They are my best friends till end of my life. I felt in camp as a family member. My directors were amazing and helped me a lot with everything. Also I had the best chef in the world! He teached me many thing in the kitchen. After 7 weeks working at camp I started travelling with my friends from camp. We were travelling for almost one month. I saw many things like Grand Canyon, LA, San Francisco, New York etc. If you are thinking about this programme and you are not sure - please choose camp america - it is the best programme! If you have some questions - fee free to text me on instragram xwerciax or e-mail

By: Weronika
Nationality: Poland
Age: 20


I absolutely loved Camp America. I did my placement at Camp Pa Qua Tuck in Centre Moriches, New York and i met some of the most beautiful friends i have ever met and we all still keep in contact to this day. I have even travelled parts of Australia with them.
For anyone thinking of doing Camp America, it is a wonderful opportunity to gain experience in looking after children, making unique friends and travelling. I would definitely do it again 👍🏻

By: David Griffiths
Nationality: British
Age: 31

Terrible camp

I went to IGC in pennsylvania and most thinge they did I'm sure are illegal back in the UK. For example, people got severe heat stroke as they were not allowed hats but still expected to work, they would turn air conditioning off as a punishment and we would all be overheating in the staff room, and we would have to clean the pits without any protective gear and dust would get into our eyes and sting severely. This is only a handful of the problems with the camp that I personally experienced. Also most returners were rude and disrespectful to the staff there this summer. I'm sure this is not the same for most camps as all I have ever heard is good things about Camp America and the experience was great with CA right up until i arrived at camp but I will never risk doing this again because I was not treated like a human being.

By: Rebecca Stallard
Nationality: Scottish
Age: 22

Camp America experience 2016

Going through camp America made the appliction very easy especially for a first time traveller. Also if anything was unclear they were always available to answer all queries.
The experience it self was amazing. I had the opportunity to meet not only Americans but friends from all over he world. It is very common for camp counsellors to visit themselves in their home countries aterwards aswell.
It's a personal growth experience whist being safe in the camp society and I will 100% recommend it to every young person. You will not regret it at all.

By: Elizabeth olulode
Nationality: British
Age: 20

Best thing I've ever done

What can I say but wow!!!
Camp America has seriously been the best experience of my life. It has challenged me, taught me a lot about myself, I have learnt new skills and made so so many friends for life!!

I have been to camp 2 years, both times teaching archery to children aged 3-15. The camp I was at was a day camp so I had every evening off and weekends off. The camp was located in the New York State so on the weekends we got to explore nyc and other local cities.

Now the days are very long and is tough, but by the end of the summer you will be amazing on everything you have achieved! Singing morning song in front of 100 kids, fancy dress days, slip and slide fun, carnivals, colour wars, zombie apocalypse so many fun memories!!

If you are thinking of doing camp America do it, it wil honestly change your life!!

By: Lisa ward
Nationality: British
Age: 24

Camp America 2017

I can not recommend Camp America enough, the team are supportive from the get go. After reading mixed reviews I had my doubts and worries about applying through Camp America. I felt completely safe and reassured from filling in my application to my flight home. The staff in the UK were helpful and quick to reply to any questions or anxieties I had. My summer was incredible, one of my best yet! It was fun, challenging and rewarding. I have made lifelong friends and I am already thinking about a second summer with Camp America. For more about my time at Camp feel free to check out my blog posts over at

By: Nicole
Nationality: British
Age: 24


Such an amazing opportunity. You will meet people from all over the world and make the best summer memories of your life. I highly recommend being a specialist and doing something you love as it will be so rewarding sharing your passion with children who look up to you! Camp America is a lovely agency who is always there for you, really prepares you for camp and the staff are really nice. I also did one of their CA treks and had a blast road tripping. Really good way to meet even more people who just did the same thing as you!

By: Olivia
Nationality: Australian
Age: 19

Absolutely amazing!

I spent the past summer in upstate New York, at international riding camp. I was a horse riding instructor and counsellor, it was the best summer of my life, I’ve made lifelong friends across the globe, met the most amazing campers! Camp America made everything a breeze, they handle everything! Visa appointments, flights, travel to and from camp in the states, you just go with it! I wish I had gone when I was 18, getting paid to do what you love all day is the best way to spend summer!
I would definitely recommend!!
If you want more info, check out my blog for more about camp life and my camp America experience!

By: Chloe
Nationality: British
Age: 20

Have you booked with Camp America? Please share your experience and submit your review.





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