Top 10 Things to Do & Places to Visit in Vietnam

Top 10 Things to Do & Places to Visit in Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the best countries to visit in South-east Asia. Not so many places have such a rich offer in terms of history and nature: lively towns, UNESCO sites, beautiful landscape and low cost restaurants. 

Located in Southeast Asia, Vietnam is a popular destination for travellers coming from all over the world. Not only does this beautiful place has some stunning scenery but it is also rich in history, especially in the city’s capital – Hanoi. If you are considering visiting Vietnam this summer, take a look at our suggestions for things to do in this beautiful country. 

Here are some of the best places to check out if you are planning a trip to this incredible country...


1. Ha Long Bay

Halong Bay is another UNSESCO World Heritage Site which has some amazing views and over 1,600 islands for you to feast your eyes on. If you are planning on visiting the world famous Halong Bay, make sure to try out some kayaking as this is one of the best ways that you can get up close to the islands. Before you have a go on the kayaks, make sure to take a look at the guide from Best Kayak Reviews to get all of the information you need when it comes to sea touring. 


2. Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Hanoi

Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum in Hanoi

The political capital in the northern region. Hundreds of citizens and tourists come here every day to pay tribute to the vietnamese leader


3. Tam Coc

Tam Coc

Close to the city of Ninh Binh, this destination is very popular thanks to the boat excursion through rice fields and natural caves  


4. Hue, the Ancient Capital City

Hue, Vietnam

Between 1802 and 1945 this was the capital of the Ngyen dinasty; the remnants of the walled city can be visited by walk of bike 


5. Imperial Tombs Tour

Imperial Tombs, Vietnam

Around Hue there are several imperial tombs, some popular and easy to find, some hidden in the countryside among rice fields. The best part of the visit is exploring the area by motorbike, get lost and meet people


6. Old Commercial Town of Hoi An

Hoi Ann

If you fancy getting to grips with the ancient history of Vietnam, make sure to visit Hoi An Ancient Town. Visiting this historic location will be something to remember when you take a look at the old houses, the canals and enjoy the street entertainment. Don’t forget to have a look at the mix of Chinese temples and the Japanese-designed bridge when you’re there. This town is a jewel, with its colonial buildings, chinese quarters, old houses, shops and excellent riverside restaurants 


7. Son My Memorial Village

Son My Memorial Village

This was the site of the My Lai Massacre, a mass killing of more than 500 unarmed civilians committed by the US Army in 1968; it is an important place to visit if you want to learn something more about the war  


8. Rong Houses in Kon Tum

Rong houses in Kon Tum

Kon Tum is a peaceful village in the Central Higlands region, famous for the tall and impressive traditional houses of the rong people


9. War Remnants Museum in Saigon

War Remnants Museum in Saigon

This is another unmissable destination thanks to a huge collections of military equipment and photographic exhibits


10. Hanoi

Located in the north of Vietnam, this busting city will be a shock to the senses with the amount of noise and people. There are some amazing places to eat and cultural sights to check out. A lot of people looking to teach English in Vietnam work here and enjoy life in one of the most amazing cities in Asia.


... we really couldn't just add 10 places to our list, so here are some more places to consider adding to your Vietnam itinerary:


11. Sapa

Located north of Hanoi, this popular destination is spectacular with rolling green rice fields for miles around.


12. Imperial Citadel of Thang Long

One of the great sites of Vietnam is the UNESCO World Heritage Site known as The Imperial Citadel of Thang Long. This site used to be the political centre in ancient Hanoi and the central flag tower in the Citadel is one of the most recognisable features. If you visit this great location, you’ll be able to take a look at some of the ancient roads, relics and palaces. 


13. Chu Chi Tunnels

Our next must-see location in Vietnam is the Cu Chi Tunnels which let you take a look at what it was like for the Viet Cong soldiers during the war. This huge network of tunnels helped the army to stay alive and the people to travel underground to stay safe. Visiting these tunnels will help you to see how much work these people put into the tunnels and you’ll not be sorry that you took the time to visit.


14. Sand Dunes of Mui Ne

If you fancy something a little different, make sure to check out our final must-see location in Vietnam. The Sand Dunes of Mui Ne are amazing geological wonders and they are something which you should definitely see if you are visiting Vietnam. Take a trip to the red and white sand dunes and you won’t be disappointed with this amazing landscape. 


15. Cafes & Restaurants

Vietnam Cafes and Restaurants

Last but not least: food. Vietnam is a perfect destination for gourmets and street food lovers. You'll fall in love with spring rolls (try all the regional varieties), sticky rice with fresh mango, spicy grilled squids and much more. And if you like beer, you'll find a different brewery in every town


Vietnam is a country that has so much to offer and you will love getting to grips with the local Vietnamese culture. Choose from amazing temples to sand dunes and even ancient tunnels that were built by soldiers. Book your Vietnam tour today! 


By Ale & Ross


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