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Italy is one of the worlds great travel destinations and there are so many places to visit and things you can do. From eating some of the best cuisine in the world to exploring some of the most unique places in Europe, Italy is an enchanting country to see and we have a range authentic holidays and sightseeing activities available to book all year round. You can also search painting, yoga, pilates and cookery classes. If you are seeking to be more than just a tourist view our trips today.


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Find activities, experiences, travel packages, backpacking ideas, eco & adventure holidays in Italy.

Italy travel guide

Italy Travel Guide

Get information, tips, itineraries and inspiration for visiting Italy.

  • Capital: Rome (population 3,000,000 approx)
  • Area: 300,000 km
  • Population: 60,000,000 (approx)
  • Language: Italian
  • International Calling Code: +39
  • Religion: Majority Roman Catholic
  • Health & Safety: There are no major health or safety problems to be worried about, this is a very modern country with a state of art health system and also a good policing. Crime against tourists is rare, the only problem can be pick pocketing in tourist areas in the larger cities. If you would like to spend a summer here please note the heat can be unbearable in cities like Rome unless you are at the coast close to the sea. During winter temperatures can plumet too



Italy holidays

Italy Holidays

Our Italy holidays are different than most, we take you to the heart of the country where you will mix with locals and really get to learn more about the country and culture. Whether you are interested in joining an activity, would like to see world famous places or just meet new people and have a lot of fun our trips will appeal to you. Our featured small group holidays in Italy include paining, yoga, pilates, cooking or travelling overland to see multiple destinations. 



Travelling & Backpacking in Italy

If you're hungering for a new vacation travel experience, maybe the time really has come to throw caution to the wind and live your dream. They say the sky is the limit, and that may be true for the average millionaire. But if you're living day to day on a budget, you may be a bit more grounded in your thinking. Luckily, the Internet and a whole lot of advances in technology have leveled the playing field for us working class folk to enjoy life's pleasures as much as the upper crust. Vacation travel is certainly among these pleasures.

Maybe you've always wanted to visit Italy. It's certainly waiting for you, as it has been for countless centuries and untold numbers of pilgrims, conquerors, and common folk just like you. The beauty of the grand city has been equaled by few, and surpassed by none. It might just be the perfect country for lovers. It's definitely a destination that needs to be seen by your own two eyes before you pass from this mortal coil into the world beyond. So, with that in mind, how do you arrange to go and see Italy?

If you're searching for excellent deals on travel packages in Italy, our website can make all of your travel dreams come true. You can get the best possible deal on the best possible travel opportunities. There is no time like the present to plan your dream vacation to Italy. If you're ready to travel the world at the click of a mouse, start planning now!






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