Top 5 Places to Visit in Milan

Top 5 Places to Visit in Milan

Milan is known for being the fashion and business capital of Italy, but it’s also a city filled with unique sites. Milan is much more than just shopping and food, it’s a place filled with deep history and wonderful attractions. 

Alexandra DiBenigno spent three months living in this wonderful city and shares the best places you need to add to your Milian itinerary. These not only include the usual tourist sites, but also some pretty unique landmarks as well. 


1. Milan Cathedral

This cathedral is the highlight of Milan and is in the heart of the shopping area. It’s a must see for any first time visitor and is always buzzing with action. Usually, as seen in the picture below, many famous artists will hold concerts in front of the cathedral.


2. Sforza Castle 

Sforza Castle

The Sforza Castle built in the 15th century and is just a short walk from the Milan Cathedral. There are multiple museums that tourists can peruse through, but the highlight of the site is just the sheer size of the castle. It’s definitely a must see for anybody who loves history. 


3. Monumental Cemetery of Milan

Monumental Cemetery Milan

Definitely not your usual hangout spot. I actually stumbled upon this location after mistaking it for a castle. Much to my surprise it was filled with thousands of gorgeous tombstones and monuments. Don’t be turned off by it’s “depressing” title, trust me this is a must see. 


4. Navigli

Navigli Milan

Navigli is an area of Milan that is famous for its long canals and incredible food. Enjoy an aperitivo, drink a yummy spritz, and relax just like the Italians do. Make sure if you visit on a weekday to get there before 8 pm as most of the aperitivos will close at that time. 


5. Indro Montanelli Public Gardens

Indro Montanelli Public Gardens, Milan

The Indro Montanelli Public Gardens is another place I stumbled upon after becoming lost in the Montanelli area of Milan. It’s a wonderful park filled with fountains, delicious food carts, statues, and museums. I highly recommend visiting the area with your favorite book in hand to enjoy a day of relaxation. 


By Alexandra DiBenigno


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