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International TEFL Academy

Teach English abroad and change your life! We offer TEFL certification courses online and in 25+ locations worldwide.

Have you ever desired to live overseas as a local, not as a tourist? Do you speak English fluently and have a love of new cultures and far off adventures?

If the answer is yes, you are amongst hundreds of thousands of others just like you who have made the move abroad to Teach English as a Foreign Language (TEFL).

The demand for fluent and native English speakers is the highest in history with globalization, world economies, international business and education. Each country needs thousands of English teachers every year.

International TEFL Academy can train you in 1 or 2 months to be a professional English teacher with our Online TEFL and International TEFL courses. We offer lifetime job guidance assistance for our graduates to work overseas teaching English over 80 countries worldwide. If you would love to live in Europe, Asia, South America or the Middle East, you are one decision away from making this dream happen.

Contact us about country work options, requirements, hiring processes and choices of TEFL TESOL certification classes to get you to your dream lifestyle.

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International TEFL Academy Reviews

International TEFL Academy Review

Throughout my experience with International TEFL Academy, the online TEFL course and my current ambassadorship, I’ve had a plethora of support from advisors, instructors, and the Student Affairs department. I genuinely enjoyed my TEFL course because of the effectiveness and my instructors helpfulness and speedy response times. My ambassadorship has been one of the most exciting and fun things I’ve ever done. I love being able to help people transition abroad and answer questions about living in Berlin! I would most definitely recommend ITA to anyone interested in teaching abroad!

By: Tina Angok
Nationality: American
Age: 24

ITA - 5 stars!

I highly recommend the International TEFL Academy if you are looking to get certified to teach English abroad. I met some AMAZING people, learned a lot, and ended up landing great jobs once I moved to my desired country. I travel, I teach, and I am so happy where ITA has brought me. Check out my blog post for a full review: .... good luck!

By: Lindsey
Nationality: Canadian
Age: 27

A big thanks to International TEFL Academy

International TEFL Academy helped me every step of the way during my process of getting abroad to teach. It started off as nothing more than a simple goal or maybe even dream in the back of my mind. After contacting the academy, they put into perspective the reality of my dream and how easily attainable it was with just a little hard work and dedication. Their staff kept in contact with me regularly and never failed to support me with advice, tips, words of wisdom and encouragement. Even after completing the course for the academy, they continued to help me by getting me in personal contact with trustable agents in China who would find me reliable jobs and also provide me with experienced advice on what I needed to prepare myself with for the adventure, psychically and psychologically. A big thanks to International TEFL Academy for transforming my life from a mundane 9-5 into a wild adventure full of travel and beautiful memories.

By: Bradley Krae
Nationality: USA
Age: 28

Thanks, ITA!

I had such a great experience with ITA. I wouldn’t be where I am now, teaching English in Thailand, without them. My friend recommended ITA to me so I called an advisor. After a few phone calls, emails and webinars, my questions were answered and my fear and concern subsided. I knew teaching overseas was what I wanted to do. The course was great; it was challenging but not overwhelming and fit perfectly in my 8-5 work schedule. With the course and required practicum, I felt ready to teach. The lifetime job search guidance was also a plus! I can’t recommend ITA enough and tell my friends about them every chance I get.

By: Kittia Broadus
Nationality: USA
Age: 25

Plenty of Positive Things to Say

I took the 4-week TEFL certification course at their Chicago headquarters in August 2016. It took me quite a long time to decide where I wanted to get my TEFL. There were many companies to choose from and a lot of confusing information flooding the internet about the topic. I finally chose ITA because they seemed to have a good system in place for before, during, and after receiving your TEFL. I'm truly happy I went with them. Both of my teachers were well-qualified, knowledgeable instructors who really helped me hone my skills in a classroom setting. Regardless of whether a TEFL is required for the country in which you want to teach, the training will teach you how to evaluate students language ability and how to prepare various kinds of lesson plans for different situations, levels, and time allocations. The course was well-organized and fun. There were many long days and nights of classes, homework, and teaching, but it's worth it for what you will acquire in the process. Also, their website rocks and really helped me make sense of the strange world of teaching abroad before taking the leap.

By: Trace White
Nationality: United States of America
Age: 25

Wonderful Experience

I loved my TEFL courses through this organization. What a rewarding and educational experience. I would highly recommend the International TEFL Academy!

By: Alicia
Nationality: American
Age: 34

5+ Stars for ITA

ITA initially caught my eye with the about of information they provided on their website, and the transparency of the company. When I called for more information, they were helpful, answered all of my many (many) questions, and helped be decide on the best course for me - best of all, I felt no pressure from them to enrol right away. There course provided a lot of information and I received a lot feedback from the instructor (even in the online course!). By the end, I felt prepared to teach and the practicum experience I gained as part of my certificate helped me to get my first job teaching abroad in Colombia. I have received continuous support and guidance from ITA, and definitely feel like I got the most out of my TEFL training with them!

By: Lisa
Nationality: Canadian
Age: 25

Amazing! Changed my life

Honestly the best experience of my life. I’m so happy I took the leap of faith and just went for it! It was scary but i just packed all my stuff up and moved to Italy. I took the one month course in Florence and I was put in an apartment with an amazing girl from NZ who was also taking the same course. After two weeks we decided to look for a job together. We found one on for two teachers with a car included down in southern Italy (Puglia). We loved it!! Stunning rugged beaches and authentic Italian food. No English speakers which was difficult but my roommate knew Italian. Lovely people, lovely place.

By: Holly
Nationality: American
Age: 25

Fantastic TEFL organization

I’ve loved my experience before, during, and after my actual TEFL course. They recruiting/admissions team really helped me decide on the right course for me (online vs. classroom) and answered all my questions. The course (online) prepared me very well and there were so many opportunities to work on lesson plans that I started working with many lesson plans already done! The Student Affairs Team for post course students were so great! They helped me narrow my job search and get me different options to look into as well. Overall, I had a fantastic experience with ITA.

By: Allison
Nationality: American
Age: 24

Thank you for making my dream come true!

If your dream is to travel, explore and make a living of it I will highly recommend ITA as your academy to get certified to teach abroad. Even though I'm not American, they still consider me a good fit for their academy and gave me the chance to get certified. They helped me every step of the way during the certification process and I got to learn a lot while I was teaching in my country. Their staff is always there for you every step of the way, making the whole experience a lot easier.

By: Rosa
Nationality: El Salvador
Age: 24


I only have positive feedback for the International TEFL Academy because they are simply the best. From day 1 they gave me all the support and assistance I needed. Before I even signed up, they called me and we had a lengthy conversation about the program, what my future could look like after getting certified, and how awesome ITA is! It only took me a second to realize ITA was a good fit for me. They provide you with an abundance of resources to learn from whether its to improve your grammar, become a better teacher, or finding a job abroad. ITA is there literally every step of the way. The course itself is manageable with assignments and quizzes every week to keep you on your toes. I learned a great deal and I'm so grateful for it because ITA truly prepared me to become an educator. I will be moving to Japan next year to teach and I am absolutely ECSTATIC. Thank you ITA! For everyone thinking about it... DO IT. There is no better time than now!

By: Jareena
Nationality: American
Age: 25

Awesome Course!

I am (very) recent graduate of ITA and I must say I absolutely loved the program! Though quite challenging, I believe International TEFL Academy in Chicago has prepared me for the exciting world of ESL!! They provide feedback and help with TONS of resources and guidance! I can't wait to start teaching!

By: L'aigner L. Massey
Nationality: American
Age: 31

ITA Connections are LIFE

My favorite part about taking the TEFL course in person in Chicago were the connections I made. The staff, teachers and fellow students made the experience great. Getting advie and instruction from people who have done the exact thing you're trying to is priceless! My classmates and the whole ITA community continue to be a valued support system throughout this process!!

If you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out on Insta @melissaannmaida!

By: Melissa Ann Maida
Nationality: American
Age: 28

Fantastic Course - Exceeded Expectations!!

The International TEFL Academy exceeded all expectations. I was pleasantly surprised by the outstanding quality of teaching, resources and support the whole way through the enrolment and the course itself. Our teachers, Jessica and Juliana, were extremely attentive and supportive the whole way through the course. The training was packed full of valuable information and practical experience, putting us in an ideal position to teach English Abroad.

By: Angela
Nationality: Australian
Age: 24

Highly recommend:)

International TEFL Academy is amazing. They immediately put me in contact with one of their advisors who answered all my questions and helped me sign up for a TEFL course in Florence, Italy. My ITA advisor always responded to my questions quickly and offered me great advice on what course to take based on what I was looking for. The course I took in Florence was phenomenal and I highly recommend using ITA if you are looking to get TEFL certified and teach ESL:)

By: Allix
Nationality: United States of America
Age: 32

ITA Nicaragua

I took the course in Nicaragua and it was an amazing experience!! The teachers there are so supportive and knowledgeable - they provide you with many tools to use in class by also after you graduate. They also make the practical experience a good challenge so you feel more confident teaching on your own after you finish the class. In addition they provide lots of support in finding jobs in Nicaragua or elsewhere - they know a lot of the local schools but they also have a resource to find schools in other countries if you wish to teach elsewhere. There are also resources to help develop your resume/cover letter, figure out moving/visa/etc...everything you could possibly need they have a resource for, and once you finish the class, the ITA in Chicago is very helpful and responsive in anything you need as well.
HIGHLY reccomend. 😊🙌🏼

By: Barbara Jandernoa
Nationality: United States
Age: 28

The most amazing experience

I was certified though the TEFL Academy in Barva, Heredia, Costa Rica and it was simply the most incredible experience. I was supported throughout the entire course and always encouraged to do my best. I never felt overwhelmed and I always had my trainers as resources if I needed help or advice. The TEFL Academy helped me to find a job and I even got hired to work at the school I did my training at. The teachers that trained us are so supportive and they’ve really created a well knit family of English teachers. Being away from my family is the hardest part for me when living abroad. But being able to have a beautiful group of English teachers who are working to better themselves and in turn better the world really makes the homesickness fade. I could not be any more grateful for the experience I’ve had here and I hope to help others reach for the stars and accomplish their dreams. Pura vida

By: Maya Morales
Nationality: United States
Age: 20

10/10 Would 100% Recommend

I genuinely loved my ITA experience. Everyone who helped me was so kind and patient, always willing to answer all of my questions. The course that I took was a lot of work but none of it was useless. I learned a lot more about the English language and how to accurately explain it to other people. I felt prepared for the teaching experience I would have in the future. This course taught me the necessary skills and also showed me that I was fully capable. It has also provided me with a lot of opportunities. I know that I have many options around the world and a trusted network of people from all different cultures and backgrounds that are available to me because of ITA. Enrolling in the Chicago course was one of the best and most fruitful choices I’ve made! Thanks ITA!!

By: Katelyn
Nationality: USA
Age: 25

Best decision ever.

The choice was easy. I stumbled upon the International TEFL Academy website by chance, and let’s just say the rest is history. It just made sense. The courses were challenging and rewarding, and I had endless support from the school. The courses prepared me with the tools needed to teach effectively. Before I even finished my practicum I had already landed a job in Taiwan and moved abroad. Having my TEFL has allowed me the live a life of great abundance. Not only am I able to teach, but I am able to live abroad and travel the world.

By: Ralph
Nationality: African American
Age: 28

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