International TEFL Academy

International TEFL Academy

Teach English abroad and change your life! We offer TEFL certification courses online and in 25+ locations worldwide.

Have you ever desired to live overseas as a local, not as a tourist? Do you speak English fluently and have a love of new cultures and far off adventures?

If the answer is yes, you are amongst hundreds of thousands of others just like you who have made the move abroad to Teach English as a Foreign Language (TEFL).

The demand for fluent and native English speakers is the highest in history with globalization, world economies, international business and education. Each country needs thousands of English teachers every year.

International TEFL Academy can train you in 1 or 2 months to be a professional English teacher with our Online TEFL and International TEFL courses. We offer lifetime job guidance assistance for our graduates to work overseas teaching English over 80 countries worldwide. If you would love to live in Europe, Asia, South America or the Middle East, you are one decision away from making this dream happen.

Contact us about country work options, requirements, hiring processes and choices of TEFL TESOL certification classes to get you to your dream lifestyle.


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  • Are you thinking about buying a TEFL course with the International TEFL Academy? We are offering $25 cashback for every course booking.
  • To be eligible you will need to click through to the International TEFL Academy website via the buttons below and buy your preferred TEFL course. Once you have done this please contact us via our enquiry form and one of our team will get back to you.

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International TEFL Academy Reviews

International TEFL Academy Review

Throughout my experience with International TEFL Academy, the online TEFL course and my current ambassadorship, I’ve had a plethora of support from advisors, instructors, and the Student Affairs department. I genuinely enjoyed my TEFL course because of the effectiveness and my instructors helpfulness and speedy response times. My ambassadorship has been one of the most exciting and fun things I’ve ever done. I love being able to help people transition abroad and answer questions about living in Berlin! I would most definitely recommend ITA to anyone interested in teaching abroad!

By: Tina Angok
Nationality: American
Age: 24

ITA - 5 stars!

I highly recommend the International TEFL Academy if you are looking to get certified to teach English abroad. I met some AMAZING people, learned a lot, and ended up landing great jobs once I moved to my desired country. I travel, I teach, and I am so happy where ITA has brought me. Check out my blog post for a full review: .... good luck!

By: Lindsey
Nationality: Canadian
Age: 27

A big thanks to International TEFL Academy

International TEFL Academy helped me every step of the way during my process of getting abroad to teach. It started off as nothing more than a simple goal or maybe even dream in the back of my mind. After contacting the academy, they put into perspective the reality of my dream and how easily attainable it was with just a little hard work and dedication. Their staff kept in contact with me regularly and never failed to support me with advice, tips, words of wisdom and encouragement. Even after completing the course for the academy, they continued to help me by getting me in personal contact with trustable agents in China who would find me reliable jobs and also provide me with experienced advice on what I needed to prepare myself with for the adventure, psychically and psychologically. A big thanks to International TEFL Academy for transforming my life from a mundane 9-5 into a wild adventure full of travel and beautiful memories.

By: Bradley Krae
Nationality: USA
Age: 28

Thanks, ITA!

I had such a great experience with ITA. I wouldn’t be where I am now, teaching English in Thailand, without them. My friend recommended ITA to me so I called an advisor. After a few phone calls, emails and webinars, my questions were answered and my fear and concern subsided. I knew teaching overseas was what I wanted to do. The course was great; it was challenging but not overwhelming and fit perfectly in my 8-5 work schedule. With the course and required practicum, I felt ready to teach. The lifetime job search guidance was also a plus! I can’t recommend ITA enough and tell my friends about them every chance I get.

By: Kittia Broadus
Nationality: USA
Age: 25

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