Is it Worth Buying a TEFL Course on Groupon?

Is it Worth Buying a TEFL Course on Groupon?

Are you thinking about taking a TEFL course? Maybe you are being tempted by amazing special offers on websites like Groupon, Amazon Local and Living Social? Wondering if it worth buying a TEFL course on Groupon or if the reviews say they are any good?

Our advice is to research all courses before applying and don't get tempted to book one just because of the price. Some courses might be offered at a bargain price but are a rip off in terms of what your get in terms of study material which can have a negative effect when you start looking for esl employment around the world. This can be one of the main problems with TEFL courses brought on Websites like Groupon.

We are getting more and more feedback from people either regretting booking a course through one of these special offers or being left without any assistance of help with job hunting. Please go on the internet and research all courses and companies before applying, some might be really appealing and the price can seem too good to be true but there can be problems with these cheap TEFL courses. Always check the TEFL course provider which is selling these courses at special offers and give them a call before buying to confirm what is and isn't included in the course.

Websites like Groupon do offer some fantastic special offers and there are some great deals to be had but remember once you have paid, getting your money back can be difficult. You will find most of the certifications sold through these special offer websites are only online TEFL courses, and if you are looking for more support and a more hands on learning experience a classroom course might be better for you. These online special offer courses sold through Groupon are quite vague and non descriptive where you will get no support, help, tutor contact and placements afterwards.

Hundreds of people take TEFL courses every year and enjoy a really smooth journey and you can too, if you would like to have a structured TEFL experience we would recommend not rushing into to buying a course and booking one through a reputable company like i-to-i. It is always better to have a TEFL course through an established organisation which will be recognized by TEFL recruiters around the world.

Please e-mail us if you need any advice or recommendations about taking a TEFL course or if you would like to check the authenticity of a course sold through a website like Groupon, Amazon Local and Living Social. Or if you have ever brought a TEFL certification on Groupon and would like to review a course or leave feedback if it was any good please contact us.



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