Teach English in Mongolia

Mongolia is located in Central Asia and is an off the beaten track destination to teach English. If you apply you will get the cultural experience of a lifetime. There is a growing demand for English teachers in Mongolia with language schools, private academies public schools, universtiies and local organisations hiring international staff all year round. 


Teaching, Language & TEFL Jobs in Mongolia

Teach English in Mongolia

Why the Need for International Teachers

The Mongolian government have been keen to add English into school curriculums and because of this there is now a huge demand for native speakers to educate both youngsters and adults. If you would like to experience a country unlike anywhere else in the world, mix with friendly locals and make a difference to the learning of both children and dults then teaching in Mongolia is an amazing option. 



Location of Most Teaching Jobs

Most teaching vacancies are located in the capital city of Ulaanbaatar. There are a number of private and public schools located in Ulannbaatar and other places in the country which hire international staff all year round. Getting employment at universities in Mongolia is a lot tougher than interviews with public and private schools. 



TEFL Jobs Mongolia

What to Expect

  • The biggest challenge of your life
  • There are a lack of resources available to teachers, you will usually have basic equipement like a whiteboard and the rest is up to you
  • Local students and teachers will be very friendly and open to you - this will make the whole experience easier



Recommended Recruiters

  • Success School of English 
  • The American school of Ulaanbaatar 
  • Raffle's International University in Ulaanbaatar



Requirements for Teaching in Mongolia

Most local employers do not require you to have a TEFL certification, they tend to just ask for native English speakers. Most universities will ask for a bachelors degree and previous teaching experience. Unpaid teaching jobs in Mongolia are open to all Nationalities.



Working Hours

Teaching in Mongolia can be hard work, the hours can be long



Salary for Teaching in Mongolia

Wages for TEFL teachers in Mongolia are low, but this experience can be more about the whole journey rather than your monthly income. Some jobs pay low, around £250 (US$400) per month but if you work hard and for the right employer you can make over £1000 (US$1500)



Peak Hiring Times

The school term in Mongolia starts around September and we recommend applying or arriving at least 2 months earlier.



Cost of Living

Mongolia is a very cheap place to live compared to other countries where you can teach in Asia.



How to Apply

Search our teaching opportunities in Mongolia and apply today.



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