Work in South Africa

Looking to visit South Africa and be more than just a tourist? Apply to work! We have a selection of paid working holiday jobs which are available to apply for all year round. Through our website you can also apply for paid gap year jobs in South Africa. View our features jobs and recruiters in South Africa and apply today.


Jobs in South Africa

South Africa jobs

Guide to Working in South Africa

So you are thinking about applying for jobs in South Africa? Good decision. This country is amazing and will take your breath away. Search recruiters and find your perfect position today. Not many people know you can find paid employment in Africa but you will miss out if you don't research options and consider this destination. With friendly locals, internationals companies and lots of flexible positons for both backpackers and professionals, you will be sure to find a position to match your needs.



Where to Seek Exployment

You can find positions throughout the country but top rated destinations for foreigners to live and work include:

  • Cape Town
  • Durban
  • Johannesburg
  • Port Elizabeth

Usually it is easier to find employment in the larger towns and cities, especially those with more tourists.



Popular Jobs for Internationals

If you are wondering how to find paid jobs in South Africa there are positions in most industries from working in hostels and hotels, to tourism, hospitality, scuba diving and business.

If you are looking for an incredible experience consider working as a horse riding instructor leading tours and trips on the Wild Coast. If you have a passion for horses or would like to work in an equine environment you can apply for paid work with a company like Wild Coast Horse Trails. They cater for all levels of horse riders who want an extended horse riding experience where you can live your childhood dream eating, sleeping, breathing and riding horses for a month or two. Wild Coast Horse Trails are South Africa’s leading gap year working horse riding holiday program, join the work experience program with horses, this is a hands on horse riding volunteering adventure & working holiday! Opportunities range from 1 to 12 weeks. 




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