Watoto Wa Africa Orphanage

Watoto wa Africa is a voluntary, not-for-profit, organization. Our aim is to improve the welfare of vulnerable children and to provide for their basic needs (shelter, food, clothing, education medical care, etc.) and we have 108 children in our orphanage.

Watoto Wa Africa Orphanage was founded in 2000 by Josephat and Rosemary Kirutu, and was registered as a Tanzanian Non-Government Organisation in 2006 (Registration#: 14NGO/1525). The primary focus of Watoto Wa Africa is caring for orphaned and other vulnerable children. The orphanage is currently home to 108 orphans and street children.
Statistics say there are currently more than 2 million Tanzanians infected with the HIV/AIDS virus, however the actual numbers are thought to be far greater. The number of children orphaned by the effects AIDS increases daily.
Watoto Wa Africa Orphanage hopes to provide some of these children with a chance of a future. At Watoto Wa Africa, children are provided with basic human rights including food, water, shelter, clothing, education – and most importantly, love.
Our Vision
To see each child in Tanzania, and Africa at large, flourish in an environment of peace, support and stability. At Watoto Wa Africa we are dedicated to a child’s protection and development. We believe all children should be given the right to develop intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually, as well as to play and have a fun, safe childhood.
Who do we need?
Watoto Wa Africa Orphanage needs people who want to make a difference. We do not require any special skills or qualifications, except for a love of children and a desire to change people’s lives. We ask that volunteers come ready for a challenge and willing to put in some hard work.

The Environment:
Watoto wa Africa is located in East Africa in Mwanza, Tanzania. Mwanza is the second largest town in Tanzania and is located on the shores of Lake Victoria, the largest freshwater lake in the world. Large granite outcrops perched precariously on top of each other dominate the landscape in the Mwanza region.
Your Job:
Volunteers at Watoto Wa Africa can help in a number of different ways depending on their skills and interests.


The main role of the volunteers will be to teach supplementary lessons for the children at the Buswelu orphanage. The ability to speak English gives children in Tanzania a head start in life, increasing their chances of continuing education and eventually finding work.
Josephat is fluent in English, but he cannot teach the children alone. Therefore he needs the help of volunteers to extend the children’s English and mathematics skills. Volunteers are asked to assist with lessons Monday to Friday in the morning and afternoon. These classes are generally only 1 to 2 hours long.
Volunteers can also teach other important skills, such as fine and gross motor skills, sports, computers, music and singing. The children are very eager to learn.

Organisation / Coordination

Josephat and his wife run the orphanage in Buswelu on their own. Most of their days are spent in search for enough food to feed the children. They greatly need the assistance of volunteers to help organise and coordinate their programs. This includes creating budgets and accounting systems, as well as long term development plans. Volunteers can also help seek permanent funding from local and international businesses or individuals.


At present we are working on increasing the level of our farming. Currently we have one cow, some goats and some chickens. We would like to expand this project, as well as develop a vegetable patch, so we can start to produce some of our own food. Volunteers who wish to be involved with these projects do not need any experience in these areas, but need to have a willingness to get their hands dirty.

Business Development

The next phase of development for our organization is to create some small business projects in order to allow for the organization to become more self-sustainable. Volunteers with good business or accounting skills would be very welcome to assist with these plans.

Duration / Dates

Any dates. on going.

Costs / Pay

Each Volunteer is expected to pay to the orphanage $ 480 per month.

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