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Marco Valtriani - walking guide, hiking guide, birding guide. Guided walks and hikes in Italy. Tours about nature, culture, wildlife, wine, typical products and traditions

Let me introduce myself. I’m a biologist who works in many areas. I’m a wildlife specialist, a walking guide, an environmental educator and a naturalistic tour planner.

Since I was a child, I showed a strong interest in nature. After high school, I decided to enrol in biological science at the University of Pisa, where I received my diploma. At the same time, I developed a passion for hiking, bird watching and environmental research. I explored many areas, rich in wilderness, of Italy and other countries, such as Algeria, Morocco, Syria, Venezuela, Nepal, Great Britain, Finland, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal and Turkey.

I work freelance for different nature conservation organizations, tour operators, schools, public institutions and many companies acting in environmental fields. In the last fifteen years I’ve devoted myself to studying nature, landscapes, history and traditions of my extraordinary land. I mean Etruria of course! With this website, I hope to communicate all my passion for excursions, not only walking but also knowing, understanding, discovering and evolving.

What I can concretely offer at a professional level is:

* Environmental guide services
* Environmental educational experiences for schools
* Planning naturalistic and cultural tours for walking or biking vacations in Italy
* Production of road books for walking or biking self guided tours in Italy


For environmental guide service I propose the following fares:

* daily excursions starting from Euro 140
* half-day excursions starting from Euro 110

Fuel refund can be requested as well as room and board if more activity days are planned For all other kind of services estimates can be made related to type of work required. If you need further information, send me an e-mail.

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