Volunteer House Ayutthaya

Established since 2002, we have brought volunteer/internees/trainees to meet directly the need & benefit of local people 

Our mission is to support volunteers/internees/trainees from several countries to meet directly the need and benefit of local people in especially Thailand and Bali. We have several schools, childcare centers, local elected governments, communities, villager groups, semi-state enterprises, non-profit organizations in our network.

Since 2000, over 3,000 volunteers/internees/trainees from over 50 countries have completed working with us. We provide opportunities for them to experience 'a real life and professional skill' with local people, experts and/or local intellectuals in addition to travel only as tourists i.e. combination of traveling with meaningful work.

We have offered programs; Child Care & Education Development, Teaching Language & Coaching Sport, Community Health & Community Well-being, Sea Turtle Conservation in Bali, Indigenous Knowledge and Resources Conservation, Andaman Manatee & Marine Conservation, Wildlife & Elephant Conservation, Humanitarian Assist for Migrant Workers or Displaced Population.  

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