Founded on 16 April 2009, VolTra is a non-governmental voluntary organization (NGO), which is a registered charitable institution in Hong Kong. 

VolTra is dedicated to promote international voluntary services in Hong Kong through a well-established worldwide network of international workcamp organizations. We have well established international partnerships, there are more than 100 countries and over 3,000 international volunteering projects worldwide each year for Hong Kong and Chinese citizen to apply for via VolTra.

The name, VolTra, already speaks for itself. It combines the power of “volunteerism” and the cultural exchange during “travel”. Volunteerism can bring positive changes to the world in cultural, educational, environmental and social aspects as well as achieve community’s sustainable development. Intercultural exchange can broaden individuals’ horizons and thoughts to achieve personal growth and development. In this connection, VolTra targets to link Hong Kong people with the world through volunteering in order to promote world peace and global citizenship.

VolTra together with other international workcamp organizations all over the world provide over 3,000 international workcamps and voluntary service projects every year in more than 100 countries. At the same time, VolTra also organizes international workcamps in Hong Kong for both local and overseas volunteers to participate in the voluntary services and cultural exchange activities in Hong Kong.



Thanks to the assistance of volunteers, VolTra can fully utilize and allocate the resources in the development of various aspects, and help widespread the values of international voluntary services and workcamps in Hong Kong. We would like to share with more Hongkonger our inspiration, passion and joy gained from workcamps.

Volunteering by Flexi-hour 

You are always welcome to come to our office to assist our clerical work including data entry, letter mailing and information arrangement during office hours.; or to help us by doing translation, research, designing publications, producing video clips, and other projects according to your schedule at home.   

We also need volunteers for our events to take videos and photographs, and to manage the reception counters or information booths.

The following teams are now recruiting volunteers:

  1. Host Family Team
  2. Multi-Media Team
  3. Design Team
  4. Editorial Team
  5. Executive Team
  6. Volunteer Coordination Team
  7. Hong Kong Workcamp Leader
  8. Project Coordination Team

Join VolTra Volunteers Team NOW!

We welcome volunteers throughout the year and we occasionally post specific vacancies on our website. We have no age restrictions or requirements for professional knowledge. We will match each volunteer’s talents, abilities and interests with our workload, and assign suitable duties for them. If you are interested in volunteering for VolTra, please contact us and we will get back to you shortly.

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