Our customized program puts you in the heart of Israeli culture, learning and studying with other students and native Hebrew speakers in order to learn to speak, read and write as quickly as possible.

When you're serious about fluency in Hebrew, you need Ulpan-Or's innovative on-campus study program, balancing real world applications with classroom study. Our Israel immersion program is ideal for:

  • New immigrants 
  • Scholars
  • World travelers
  • Diplomats and government workers
  • Anyone interested in learning Hebrew! 

With our on-site immersion program, you'll learn Hebrew in no time. It's really that easy!

When you choose to come to our Jerusalem or Tel Aviv campuses, you will enjoy a unique opportunity to live and learn in the heart of Israeli culture. With help from our talented instructors, you will gain the confidence you need to connect with fellow speakers and express complex thoughts and ideas in Hebrew in a very short time. Through our unique Rapid Language Acquisition program, you'll be ready to speak Hebrew within a week!

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