The TEFL Org

The TEFL Org

The TEFL Org is an award-winning company that trains over 10,000 students each year to teach English as a foreign language overseas.

The company is staffed and managed by experienced professionals with over 30 years of experience in teaching English and teacher training. 

You’ll receive the highest standard of TEFL training throughout your transition to becoming an English language teacher; from detailed course content to extensive support from our tutors and team of experts.

With more accreditation than any other provider, TEFL Org  ensures a TEFL experience that will change your life forever. On course completion you’ll receive a TEFL Org certificate which you can proudly present to potential employers.

You will also gain worldwide employment opportunities with free lifetime access to our TEFL Jobs Centre, consistently providing you with the widest offering when it comes to TEFL positions.

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The TEFL Org Reviews

My experience

I would like to say a big thanks to the tefl team. From start to finish my experience has been nothing but enjoyable. Everyone is really helpful and always ready to respond. If I could I would do it all the same again.

By: Sarah
Nationality: Irish
Age: 31

Brilliant start to my TEFL journey.

I completed my 150 TEFL course with The 3 day face to face course was a great start in Sheffield. A fun group. A well organised, knowledgeable and inspiring teacher. The reference letter from the course is very useful too. Completing the rest of the online course was straightforward. The courses had videos with sample lessons to watch and see the topics in action. The quizzes helped to check my learning. The assignments were very helpful in pulling learning together. And they were always marked within 24 hours. This helped me to keep my momentum. The certificate arrived in three days. More momentum. I am now doing a Business English course and totally recommend - their courses and the quality of their organisation.

By: Keith stewart
Nationality: British
Age: 59

175% worth it!!

After completing the 140 hour combined, I moved to Hong Kong. I have been here for just over a year now and haven’t looked back since!!

I managed to obtain a job very quickly and am earning more than I ever thought would be possible for someone without a degree. This course taught me the foundations of teaching which has made me incredibly adaptable in any school I walk into now. It made me extremely confident walking into my first teaching job and have recommended so many people to do the same as I did! TRUST ME, YOU WILL NEVER LOOK BACK!

By: Levi Jones
Nationality: British
Age: 24

A great intro to teaching!

The TEFL Org UK 120 hour online course was my choice of TEFL qualification and I have no regrets! It gave me an introduction to teaching, having never taught before. My online tutor was brilliant and provided me with constructive feedback, allowing me to continue to improve throughout the course. I opted to volunteer in a local school just after completing my online course to gain an insight into working with children. I have now been teaching in China for over 7 months and am thoroughly enjoying it! I found my job through the TEFL Org UK site as well, which was easy to navigate and provided many suggested jobs! Thanks.

By: Jess
Nationality: British
Age: 24

It really prepared me for the job!

I did my 130-hour Combined TEFL course with TEFL Org in 2013 and haven't looked back. The course is very thorough and definitely takes work. You have real tutors at the other end marking and giving you feedback - it's not all multiple choice! I found the 30-hour English Grammar module particularly useful as I had no clue what a past participle was or the third conditional before this. The highlight of it had to be the 30-hour intensive part though. In those 30 hours you got an opportunity to practice lessons and work with other students, giving eachother feedback and sharing ideas.

I have since taught in Austria, Chile, Germany, Italy, Peru, Slovenia, Spain, and the UK as a TEFL teacher and it has been incredible. In this time I have worked with other teachers who had a CELTA qualification and I don't feel I missed out as I knew just as much as them but spent a 10th of the price!

By: Megan Wright
Nationality: United Kingdom
Age: 24

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