The Lifespring Foundation (Africa)

Travel to Africa and volunteer in Zambia & Kenya with The Lifespring Foundation which is a a small Christian charity aiming to bring hope to communities in need.

In the past few years LSFA have been operating programs which are really helping communities through support and a hands on approach which aim to provide a self-sustaining long term aim. You will be able to help educational, empowerment, healthcare and community development programs in rural areas of Africa. In Zambia and Kenya you can make a real difference on volunteering programs with The Life Spring Foundation. On some projects you can help people affected by poverty, work at an orphanage, teach English, work on medical and healthcare programs. Some placements might require certain skills but generally no previous experience is needed just a desire to travel and help others. Places in Zambia and Kenya you can volunteer include Ndola, Mtwapa and Mombasa.

There are really meaningful programs in this part of the world where you can help inspirational volunteer work projects with local NGO's. Some placements might be quite shocking and emotional when you see the poverty some communities live in or when working with people and children affected by HIV / Aids for example, please research all opportunities before applying. You will also need to be able to respect and try to understand other cultures and communities. The Lifespring Foundation use Christian principals in programs and ask people to be caring and enthusiastic when volunteering. Some programs might be hard work and challenging but really worthwhile. To see the difference you will be able to make will be amazing, for example when helping street children or working on educational programs.

If you would like to volunteer and travel in Africa please think about applying with the The Lifespring Foundation. To apply you will need to be aged 18 and over to apply, be in good health, have the necessary vacinations, provide references and also cover accommodation and transport costs. Accommodation is provided whilst all placements are very safe and staff have years of experience placing people on these programs. There are placements which you can join from 2 - 12 weeks from throughout the year from January to Dec every year. There are also discounts on offer for bookings over 4 weeks and group trips.

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Volunteer placements of between 2 - 12 weeks available

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