SWARNABHHOMI is a voluntry service organisation registerd in Kesbewa Divisional Secretariat act no 31 of 1980 of Ministry of Social Affairs of Sri Lanka, our registration number is K240.

We are working towards to upliftment of  the life skills of rural poor communities while provide them Education, Health, Vocational Training, facilities

SWARNABHOOMI has been implementing its programme & activities since the inception of the year 2002 Independently by the Founder Members by their own will as a philanthropist and In the year 2012 SWARNABHOOMI has been started it’s activities as an Organisation with a group of members, which helps in the Development of the Rural Poor families and supports in the Development of the target beneficiaries, Socially, Economically, Psychologically and Spiritually.

SWARNABHOOMI strives to protect the rights of the rural poor and help provide equal opportunities to them through Education, Vocational Training, Community Development, Income Generation programmes.

The aim of the programme is to empower the beneficiaries to enable them to participate in decision making, in matters which concerns them in their day to day life. They are educated in a manner which helps support in good governance in public affairs in the village.

SWARNABHOOMI in its endeavor to help improve the quality of living in the target beneficiaries provide assistance in income generation projects, which would generate income which supplements their family income.




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