Students Travel and Exposure South Africa (STAESA)

Students Travel and Exposure South Africa is a nonprofit organization based in South Africa which operates in many African countries. 

STAESA offers a variety of internships and volunteer programs in Africa dealing with health, education, poverty, and many more. Our interesting, unique and affordable programs are not only a great way to learn about Africa, but are also an excellent opportunity to provide relief to the people and communities in Africa.

We promote and enhance cultural exchange, and we develop over 50 communities in 15 countries in Africa. Together we make a great difference in the lives of the people of Africa. We know that STAESA's programs will open up a new world for you and we want you to join us and explore. We will take you from the top of Africa down to the heart of its people. You will have a fun and life-changing experience with us.

Our programs are not meant only for students; they are aimed at anyone over 18 years old. We receive numerous program participants from all over the world for various programs and projects. If you are a high school student, you can apply to volunteer for West Africa Community Vision, Inc. WACV is operated under STAESA's infrastructure.

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Students Travel and Exposure South Africa (STAESA) Reviews

Tremendous experience and Simon was incredible

I volunteered with STAESA and Simon a decade ago and it remains one of the the best experiences of my life. When I met Simon at his office I didn't know where I would be volunteering but his enthusiasm for both my desire to be be there and the orphanage / elder care home he was placing me with made me feel very welcome. I have met few people as committed to the meaning of their work as Simon. The volunteer opportunity I was provided at Ebenezer Hannah Home, outside Johannesburg, allowed me to meet and work for two incredible people who had dedicated their lives to helping their community. The experience of meeting them and being able to contribute to their work was wonderful on so many levels.

When I was researching volunteer organizations in South Africa, and not knowing much about the country, I was considering a British organization with a project in Cape Town. When I called to talk to them about it I asked about what sorts of bars and restaurants were within walking distance. I was informed that volunteers stayed on the premises of the project and had to be escorted when leaving the site. When I spoke with Simon and asked the same question and if I needed an escort, he replied, incredulously, "Why wouldn't you be able to go anywhere you want?" His answer was why I chose STAESA. And my experiences when I did leave the orphanage were universally positive and left me with a great appreciation of South Africa.

STAESA is much less expensive than many of the European or American volunteer organizations. I have volunteered with some of them and also had great experiences. BUT know that the majority of the money you pay them remains with their operations in their home country, not the project you are investing your efforts in. STAESA is African, non-profit, and retains only a small percent of your fees to cover their operations, Simon literally handed the majority of the cash I had paid him to the people running the orphanage in front of me. European and American organizations are never as honestly transparent.

I cannot recommend STAESA more highly.

By: Ed Phelps
Nationality: United States
Age: 42

Volunteering in Ghana with STAESA

Thanks, STAESA and Simon for such a wonderful experience in Ghana and for the opportunity to help in the community. We really had fun on the program.

By: Abi
Nationality: American
Age: 38

My stay with STAESA

I am a high school student who joined West Africa Community Vision this year. Over this previous Summer, I went to the Volta region of Ghana for 3 weeks. It was was the most rewarding volunteer experience in my life. I lived with a wonderful host family who took care of me very well. During my stay, I got the opportunity to teach at a local school and help construct a local orphanage. However, the most rewarding experience I had was touring the country and interacting with different people. If you want a rewarding experience, I highly reccomend traveling with STAESA.

By: Sheil Patel
Nationality: American
Age: 16

My experience with STAESA

I have worked with STAESA for two years now as part of West Africa Community Vision, and I have had an amazing volunteering experience in the Volta Region of Ghana. Students Travel and Exposure South Africa provided me with many opportunities to work with the locals by giving me positions to work in the hospital and school. During the weekends, I was able to experience the rest of Ghana by traveling around to many of the sights that the nation had to offer. I was able to visit Wli falls and the famed Kakum National Park. STAESA is a great organization for those who want to volunteer abroad, and I highly recommend that anyone who is interested in helping the global community to volunteer and work abroad with STAESA.

By: Colin Lee
Nationality: United States of America
Age: 15

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