Sizisa Ukhanyo (We Bring Light)

Sizisa Ukhanyo (We Bring Light), we will prepare and plan creative, educational and interactive activities for Volunteers/ Students/ Professionals based in various organisations. These projects will be operational from 8am to 4pm daily.

We will host volunteers/ students/ professionals who value diversity with host families and at our facility. We will provide special costing for students/ volunteers/ professionals during this time of the year which will start from one month to three months plus.

We will render a service to Volunteers from abroad who wishes to gain knowledge of South Africans with diverse cultures. They will be hosted by the owners of the facility and host families. Placements for Volunteers/Students/ Professionals will be appropriate and meet their needs as required. Project placements will also be appropriate whereby volunteers could plough their knowledge and skills in the facilities and the field. We will also develop and prepare community profiles for Volunteers. Accommodation together with meals will be provided.

An environment conducive to healthy living and good lifestyles will be provided. A happy environment throughout their stay will prevail. Similarly as we get to know one another so also do the communities who meet the Volunteers. In turn they will assist each other by imparting with various skills, knowledge and experiences via events, training and exposure. This will promote community awareness, closeness and development. Healthy relationships will develop throughout their stay with our business venture. Thus lending future business initiatives for growth and development.

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